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    It's working now. Just one of those weird things, I guess...

    Now I'm trying to figure out what to do with the xml output.

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    Because Fantasy Grounds does not allow direct file access from within the program, there is no mechanism to import the XML files directly.

    Therefore, the only way to add the PC/NPC data is to copy and paste the XML data into the db.xml file of your campaign manually. The best way to do this is to create some sample PCs and NPCs, so that you can see how the XML data needs to be added.

    Note: I highly recommend that you create a backup of your campaign prior to any db.xml changes, since mistakes in the XML changes can erase your campaign data.


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    Figured it out. And, yes, I made backups before hand (I'm in IT, I know this lesson well).

    Thanks for making this, it's been a real help.

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    Great. I'm glad someone else can use it too.

    Still trying to get some help from PCGen guys to get the spell output working, but no luck so far.


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    Maybe this isn't a bug, but I noticed something... some of the skills come out of PCGEN as, for example, 'Move Silently', but the FGII version is 'Move silently'. That leaves both 'Move Silently' and 'Move silently' in the FGII skill list, but the FGII version will have no ranks. Can that be fixed on the export?

    Also, it would be handy if the various Knowledge, Craft, Profession (etc) skill that PCGEN has would NOT be exported if they don't have any ranks. They cause an awful clutter in the FGII skill sheet and you have to go in and delete them individually. There's a lot of them.


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    Yes, unfortunately, there is no way to format the capitalization of the output from PCGen in that specific a manner. Therefore, my solution has been to modify the ruleset to change the case of the skills to match PCGen output.

    I think that the skills output is based on the PCGen character setting (All skills, ranked skills only, or ranked skills plus untrained). When I export a character, I only get ranked skills plus untrained. Thus, I only get Craft, Profession, etc. if they have ranks. I'd like to put code in to break out sub-skills like Profession and Craft, but the string manipulation functions are limited in the output sheet language.

    I've asked for a feature in FG2 that would allow importing these PCGen exports directly (without having to cut and paste into db.xml). If they implement, the scripting in FG2 is a much stronger language, so some final data cleanup can be done.


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    Cool, thx for the 411.

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