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    PCGen Output Sheets for FG2

    OK, I've finally managed to get the PCGen output sheets I've been working on into usable shape. Please post any comments, bugs or requests to this thread.

    There are 2 output sheets in the attached ZIP file. One for PCs and one for NPCs (i.e. Personalities).

    BIG NOTE: Please be aware that changes to the campaign database could cause your database to be wiped when you load FG2, so always make a copy of your entire campaign folder before you make any manual changes to your campaign database file.

    The output from these sheets is XML that can be copied and pasted into the FG2 campaign database file. (located at C:\AppData\Roaming\Fantasy Grounds II\campaigns\<campaign name>\db.xml

    You need to make an id entry in the appropriate section for each PC or NPC you are adding. The section tags are charsheet and npc, respectively. If you are having trouble, try making some examples in FG2, so that you can see how one looks when saved by FG2.

    If anybody has an import script in the works, let me know and I can help make a PCGen output sheet to match.

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    Just a note, there should be another tab at the beginning of each line so it follows standard xml formating. I'm testing it right now.
    Paul Grosse
    PCGen BoD
    PR Silverback

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    Works like a charm! Even using my character using the WotC data sets from CMP.

    Has anyone responded about the spell list's?
    Paul Grosse
    PCGen BoD
    PR Silverback

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    I posted a query on the PCGen mailing list looking for help.

    I got one direct response (Boomer70) with an idea I had already tried. I sent him my dev sheets where I tried to get the spells working using that approach to see if he could figure it out. It's been about a week with no response, so not sure.

    I'll attach my dev sheet in case others want to take a crack.

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    You also might want to post on the ListFileHelp group, there's less traffic and most of the OS monkey's hang out there also.
    Paul Grosse
    PCGen BoD
    PR Silverback

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    I put these in this folder:
    C:\Program Files\PCGen\PCGen5121\outputsheets\d20\fantasy\htm lxml

    They don't show up as options in the Export selection list in PCGEN. Am I missing something?

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    No, that's the folder where I have mine. Make sure you select Export...Standard.


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    Yeah, I do Export...Standard - I get nothing. Please see screen caps attached.

    I'm using PCGEN 5.12. What version are you using?

    I only see the Fantasy Grounds XML file that comes with PCGEN. That's for FG1.5, yes?

    Thanks for the help.
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    I'm using PCGen v5.12.1, and the one that currently comes with PCGen is for FG1.

    Not sure why you don't see them. Maybe double-check that you don't have multiple PCGen installs. Otherwise, you might need to ask the PCGen guys on their mailing list.


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    Only the one install. I'll uninstall, redownload, and try again tomorrow. Thanks again!

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