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    Deadlands Noir Questions

    Hey, I have purchased the Deadlands: Noir Module and I have a few questions:

    1. Effects list lacks the Header: What do the Icons mean? I figured out that the flash controls if the effect will be removed or if you are able to maintain it,but what dies the checkbox do?
    2. Dominion Table, Patter Results, Skills Table, Interrogation Results throws an Script Error. What do I do wrong? ("Unable to create Window")
    3. Legend Chips - Where do I find those?
    4. Injury Table: Why is the injury table not set up as an effect, so I can pull the result over? Is there a more elegant solution?
    5. Is there a good way to track ammunition? I did find it for PCs but failed to find it for NPCs (Combat Tracker preferred).

    Thank you!

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    Another question: Is it somehow possible to modify the purchased modules (items/characters/Effects)? I know I can add more, but if I find a clerical error, can I correct it by myself?
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    Had a Discussion with Doswelk and if you are interested:

    2) Those are not really rollable tables but text tables. Its a current bug and Talyn found a solution, that he gave to Ikael.
    3) Legend Chips are not implemented (*FEATURE REQUEST*)
    4) Combat table is not an effect
    5) NPCs have as much ammo as you want - Or you can use the Weird Wars rule a club means they need to reload

    Thank you Doswelk.

    Honestly, I am not happy with some of the things, but maybe when I am more proficient with Fantasy Grounds I am able to write an Extension for 3), I can change the Table by myself on 4) and for 5) I was thinking of just using an effect running as many rounds as the NPC has bullets :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Razortide View Post
    Had a Discussion with Doswelk and if you are interested:...
    5) NPCs have as much ammo as you want - Or you can use the Weird Wars rule a club means they need to reload....
    Please note this is just my rule (I am an evil when I want to be), otherwise I keep track with a note (annoying but works)
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    Yours are still on combat round 6

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