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    Ok, maybe I am a bit naive, but in our DnD game in FG, automatic effects as well as ammo works fine, so I thought this is something FG brings with it. Wasn't clear for me, that this is a major dev work.
    I thought that too but it is not the case. The level of automation and capabilities vary from ruleset to ruleset. I hope for continuous expansion on this one's capabilities but sadly have found development speed lacking. I could be wrong but I have no way to know because the developer hasn't really said much about what is going on. The last I heard was that starships were coming but delayed for an unknown period because of some development problem with some mechanical part in starfinder that was needed for ships here. I assume the interim time could have been use to work on automation or effects but nothing has been said or released for about a month.

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    I think MBM does a great job considering, that this is not his main occupatuon and I believe he has an actual job that earns him a living.

    So keep patient and cheer this fellow on.

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    No joy. Yikes. This just about cripples the software (the console pops up with every action inside the CT. I'll have to either migrate to pure MoreCore and lose the automations or switch up campaigns. I'd been hoping to wait for the official Conan FG release before starting my Conan campaign, but that doesn't seem imminent, either.

    Thanks, damned!

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    Any word from MBM on new features/bugfixes? (Ships, Ammos for guns, Console warnings when adding new weapon-items, automatically adding effects as stun or prone, etc)

    Haven't heard from him for a while now and missing him here Hope he's well.

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