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    Beasts & Barbarians Supplements?

    Any plans to convert the Jalizar and Tricarnia expansions for the Beasts & Barbarians ruleset?

    The Tricarnia book was something I thought I would try my hand at converting but I just really don't have the time to dedicate to it.... Both books are a must have for fans of Beasts & Barbarians!

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    I've been doing pdf to FG conversions for my (now on hold) campaign. I too would like to know if there are any upcoming B&B releases so I can kick those particular pdf's off of my to-do list.

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    @Atrill can pop in and correct me if I'm mistaken, but last I can recall him mentioning on Discord was that he had removed himself as a DLC Developer for B&B, primarily due to the constantly changing and (mis)handling of the property towards Fantasy Grounds by the publisher. After seeing what he had to go through and deal with, I don't want any part of dealing with them either, so I'm out as a potential replacement.

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    Gotcha... They do put out a great product but I don't ever doubt that the business side of a role-playing publisher is always lacking in some ways... I'll plan on keeping on doing my own translations.

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    Who was he dealing as the point of contact? When I did Tropicana and only dealt with Pyotr, never had any issues myeslf.
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