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    Savage Mojo free modules on Fantasy Grounds

    Some of you may have noticed that after most of the Savage Mojo Suzerain settings became available as modules on Fantasy Grounds the appearance of some modules listed in the general search for $1, but containing a link allowing you to download the module absolutely free.

    What is This?

    Savage Mojo has always made available a substantial amount of free material, one sheets, setting guides in PDF form. They have a wide variety of settings on the Suzerain Continuum, and want to give everyone an opportunity to "try before you buy" as it were. In continuing the cooperation with Fantasy Grounds to support more online gaming, I took on the project of converting this free material to modules for the convenience of Fantasy Ground users.
    So what can you expect from these free modules?

    First, to use them you will need the Savage Worlds and Suzerain rulesets and setting for Fantasy Grounds. However, anything not contained within those two modules that form the basis of all Suzerain settings, you will find within the self-contained modules.

    Any edges, hindrances, skills, weapons, armor or other items found in the expanded settings are contained within the module. If one of the included NPC's or pre-gens contained within the module has any of these from the various settings, it is part of the free module.

    Each module contains a selection of pre-gens, pre-built and ready to play. They include all free published one sheets provided by the publisher for that settings, with all required NPC's included. As PDF's these are all downloadable seperately, but to save clutter in the Fantasy Grounds store we rolled all free materials for each setting into a single module.
    Currently there are modules for Caladon Falls, Clockwork Dreams, Noir Knights, Set Rising and Dungeonlands (which is huge, 65 PDF pages worth of material). Near completion are Dogs of Hades and Relic, with Millenium Knights to follow later.

    There are already ten expanded settings in the Suzerain Continuum, with more in discussion for later development. No need to break the gaming budget to try something new, feel free to grab one or all of the free modules and take a look. The entire Suzerain Continuum is waiting.
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