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    Cure Light Wounds Wand Settup

    So our group has 1-2 wands of Cure Light Wounds. It will heal 1D8+1 HP per charge. What's the easiest way to set this up on FG?

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    Set it up as a power with the number of charges as uses per day.
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    I would actually track the charges in the title, or as a ranged weapon, or use the enhanced items extension which has charges max/used fields added to items. If you do it as suggested by yeknom the charges will get reset when the GM does a long rest. Of course, if your GM doesn't use that feature, then that would work just fine.

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    If you grab the Enhanced Items extension https://www.fantasygrounds.com/forum...anced-Items-v4 and set the item type to "Magic Wand" then the item entry will have a field for current and maximum charges. For the rolls the easiest way is still to make a power in the actions tab. Make a Wands spell caster list and add the spells from the wand as normal.
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