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    Is there a new button/menu/hotkey for accepting player movement when tokens are locked? The "Effects" menu option is now where that used to be.
    I just use middle mouse button (mouse wheel click).

    Regarding the effects. The mini effect window needs to have the "selected" option down, absent of that it applies only to the token that was right clicked, also known as the context token. The big effect window is interesting as I don't see why it wouldn't work.

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    Thanks Ken, given I use a trackball without a middle button or clickable wheel, I never knew that existed as an option.
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    The issue was that there weren't many options to replace, the entire radial was filled. The only replaceable menu items where the 'rotate token' left/right and the accept move on the GM side as the remainder I considered 'essential'. I don't think there's a programmable way to move the middle button behavior anywhere, it's similar to the right click being hard-wired to the radial menu.

    Is there a more preferable menu option? I might shift the 'add-selected to tracker' and 'add to tracker' into a nested action and put the effects into either the left or right turn option.
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