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    LFP D&D 5E Need 2 players Thursday Nights 6 pm CST

    Looking for 2 Players to join are group of long time players in our on going Out of the Abyss Campaign (with some HomeBrew mixed in).
    Lost a player to a new job and another quit for a Local Table top game.

    Need Wizard type (Underdark theme) and Treasure/Trap detector Rogue (Underdark Theme), but open to new ideas.
    Current players are Dwarven Fighter, Half Orc Cleric and Wood Elf Ranger/Rogue. All nearly 6th level.

    This campaign is a mix of story RP and tough Combat Encounters. Returned to D&D last year after 20 years. I'm a 80's/90's old school DM, and having fun every week.

    We use Discord for voice and Cleanfeed/Syrinscape, Tabletop audio for game sounds

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    I am currently looking for a game to join and yours sounds interesting. I also returned to D&D after a long hiatus (20+ years) and am really enjoying 5E and FG. Thursday nights is a good night for me as I am off work on Fridays and I am also in the US Central time zone. I have started the OotA campaign, but was only in it for a few sessions.

    I don't usually play wizards or spell casters, but I do enjoy a good rogue. I am not a rules lawyer and enjoy the Role Play as much (maybe more) than the Roll Play, but hey, who doesn't like killing Drow when they can. I don't miss sessions, am always on time (15 min early is on time for me) and I have given up on a local table top game. I do have Discord (OldJarhead #1168) as I use it for a game I run on Monday nights.

    Would love to hear from you but if not, tell a great story.

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    I'm interested. I have an idea for either class. I've been looking for a game to play i for awhile now and OoTA is one of the adventures I've yet to play through

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    I would be interested! I could play either of the roles.

    I'm a longtime player and DM, mostly 3.5 and Pathfinder. Have been getting into 5E with STK and ToA campaigns, so I would be interested in trying one of the modules I haven't seen anything of. I like both action and roleplaying, and am very knowledgeable about the Forgotten Realms setting (have been reading novels and setting books for years and years!).

    I would actually be interested in playing an Underdark race, like duergar or drow, if that would be permissible. How far along in the adventure are you?

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    I am also looking for a group of people that can play on a regular basis. I'm a 30 year D&D veteran that has played all editions but 5th. I am brand new to FG but should pick it up quickly. Discord, FG basic and a completely open schedule are a couple of perks. i would like to sit in even if you are filled up to see how they run. Thanks for consideration, Wardogg

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    Would a sorcerer fit? I've been wanting to play a sorcerer for a while now if your group is still looking.

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