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    Setting mask sensitive visibility

    How can I set mask sensitive visibility to a token element directly through a token-instance? There's only setVisible true/false.

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    This function actually takes three values: true, false or nil.
    True and false indicate absolute visibility, whereas nil indicates undefined (or mask sensitive visibility).


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    Well that was unexpected of a binary value. Thanks moon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken L View Post
    Well that was unexpected of a binary value. Thanks moon.
    Pretty standard for databases. "True", "False", "Undetermined".

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    Yeah, some of the APIs use or allow nil, but most of them just imply false, zero or empty string.

    The only other one that I can think of that has a unique nil value is for token orientation mode on image controls and token instances.


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    Nil normally is discouraged as a value absent of its use for 'false' or 'lack of value'. Using nil for the value of 'mask sensitive' is kind of an interesting design choice. It feels more like a hack to get a third value out by gaming the 'everything is an object reference'.

    Either way, it's all in order now, the documentation might need an adjustment to show it accepts a nil value as a valid argument for both set/get.

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