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    Welcome to Icewind Dale!

    Freezing wind sweeps across the tundra, ceaselessly battering anything that dares to grow or breathe in its domain. Even in summer, when the days stretch interminably long, the sun blazing low in the midnight sky brings no respite from the chill. Without fail, the wind finds its way through every chink and crack, every opening in the warmest furs, every tent flap, every roof and board of the strongest homes. It drains away any hint of warmth wherever it finds purchase.

    The threat of winter’s fury is never far away. The wind sweeping down from the Reghed Glacier howls its wrath and sometimes carries stinging sprays of ice in its grasp. The sun never rises far above the horizon even at the height of summer—and the height of summer is fleeting. During the rest of the year, sudden storms bring driving hail or sleet that leaves everything coated in a sheath of ice, or they bring snow that pile in deep drifts.

    All this cold and fury is caged into one small region. The ice cliffs of the Reghed Glacier—the source of the never-ending wind—rise up in the east like prison walls, home to white dragons and enormous remorhazes. In the south loom the snowcapped peaks of the Spine of the World, crawling with orcs, goblins, and other monsters. North and west, the Sea of Moving Ice churns bergs and floes in an endless tumult, like winter grinding its teeth in anticipation of its next freezing assault.

    And yet, such is the nature of life that even in this hostile place, it manages to lift its head in defiance of the biting cold. Lichens cling to weathered rock despite the battering of the winds, providing sustenance to herds of reindeer through the winter. Fish swim in the lakes and rivers that dot the tundra.

    When summer comes to the tundra, life shakes off the torpor of winter and comes forth in full flower. Grasses grow two or three feet high in the span of weeks. Birds flock to the marshes formed in the thawing soil. Reindeer calves fill out the herds that have been diminished through the winter.

    Of course, no region of the Forgotten Realms is without its people. Human tribes follow the reindeer herds through their annual migrations. Other humans dare the treacherous waters of the Sea of Moving Ice in search of fish, seals, and whales to sustain them. Dwarves dig into the earth to find shelter from the biting wind, mining for iron and forging weapons and armor.

    Most improbably of all, civilized folk descended from foolhardy and treasure-mad immigrants from the south manage to survive and sometimes thrive in ten small towns. The wooden buildings of these towns provide only a little shelter from the cold and wind, and no protection at all from the attacks of orcs, barbarians, or the fierce tundra yeti. Though the towns are clustered around three icy lakes teeming with knucklehead trout, resources are scarce, and competition between neighboring communities can be fierce and occasionally deadly. But for all the dangers, people still live in the region known as Ten-Towns, and new arrivals—outcasts, fugitives, wanderers, and adventurers—still come to test themselves against the harshest environment known to the world.

    This is Icewind Dale.
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    Adventure Background

    The world of the Forgotten Realms setting has endured one catastrophe after another for the past century, from the Time of Troubles through the Spellplague. Again and again, upheaval has reshaped the pantheon, overthrown nations and rulers, and altered the landscape. Now, the world is being shaken and reshaped again—for the last time.

    The gods are thrown into chaos at the promise of a new reckoning of the pantheon, and they scramble and grasp at power in hopes of cementing their positions of authority. Their mortal agents in the world, the Chosen, are charged with carrying out their will in every aspect of life.

    The Spellplague, the magical catastrophe that dramatically reshaped the world, has come to an end. The Weave of magic is rewoven, and many lingering effects of twisted magic fade. The intermingling of worlds brought about by the Spellplague comes to an end, leaving Toril looking much as it did before.

    Partly driven by the activity of the gods’ Chosen and partly arising from the turbulent political situation at the end of the Era of Upheaval, the nations and factions of Faerόn engage in their own maneuvers, manipulations, and acts of aggression. In particular, the empire of Netheril attempts to conquer the Dalelands, Cormyr, and Myth Drannor, setting off a war that engulfs the eastern Heartlands.

    Nations, geography, magic, and the gods are changing forever in the birth pangs that herald a new creation. The world needs heroes to ensure that the new age dawns bright and full of hope, with good still shining as a beacon against the darkness.

    This adventure is set during the Sundering, near the beginning of its cataclysmic events. The year is 1485 DR.
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    Character Creation

    We'll be doing character creation together during our first session. This allows everyone to collaborate in creating a well-balanced party of character up of characters, but also characters that everyone is excited to play. It also allows me as the DM to answer any questions that you have or to bring up topics/points that could affect your decision. D&D is a role-playing game after all and the most important thing is having everyone enjoy playing their characters.

    I encourage everyone to read through and make sure you understand. If you want to start collaborating on Discord prior to our first session, that may save some time later on as well and help to create some excitement for the game.

    Open Content: PHB, SCAG, EE Player's Guide
    Restricted Content: DMG, Volo's, Xanathar's (If you want to use these in creating your character, we can discuss)

    Note on setting: This is a Forgotten Realms adventure that takes place on the Sword Coast. I want everyone to create their own "Sword Coast Adventurer". Race choices will need to be made from SCAG. For example, their are no high elves, there are Sun Elves or Moon Elves that operate with the high elf mechanics from the PHB. Beyond that, I want everyone to think about what their place is in the Forgotten Realms. You want to play a Monk? There is a myriad of monk organizations described in SCAG, such as Dark Moon, Sun Soul, and Monks of the Long Death. What deity does your character worship? Where does he hail from? You want to play a barbarian? Consider playing an Uthgardt tribe or Reghed barbarian from Icewind Dale. Maybe your character is not from the Sword Coast. Ok, maybe take the Far Traveler background and you can play that Red Wizard of Thay that you always wanted. This is just a small example, but I think you guys get my point. The idea is not to restrict your creativity, but to focus it in a fun way.

    Ability Scores: Point Buy

    Optional Rules:
    Feats: Yes, but restrictions may apply. Please check with me first.
    Multi-classing: Yes, but there will be a some type of prerequisite or in-game requirement. If you know you want to multi-class from the beginning, please let me know so I can plan ahead.
    Variant Human: Yes, but the bonus language must be a human dialect. (applies to standard human as well)


    One or more of you may be interested in being playing a very devout character and may consider being considered "Chosen" of a specific deity of the Realms. The Chosen are individuals imbued with divine power by one of the deities of the Realms, which grants them various abilities and boons, such as stopping the process of aging. We can discuss trading a racial ability or sacrificing an ABI to gain some power related to your deity.


    Similarly to what I mentioned above, I would like to have this fleshed out. You're a soldier? What army are you in? What wars have you fought in? What alliances do you have? What enemies?

    Recommended Backgrounds - These have some easy/interesting adventure hooks, but of course are not required.
    - Soldier/Mercenary Veteran
    - City Watch
    - Harper Agent
    - Bounty Hunter
    - Criminal

    Icewind Dale Characters:

    Let me know if someone wants to be from Icewind Dale originally. Here are some cool options that come to mind:
    - Reghed Barbarian, maybe your a tribe of the elk member and want to glorify yourself as Wulfar did 100 years ago
    - Battlehammer Dwarf, you are related to Bruenor Battlehammer and are from Kelvin's Cairn


    The playable factions described in the DMG/SCAG will not play a huge role in this campaign. The exception to this is the Harpers, who will have a minor role as they tend to have at least a minor role in everything in the FRs. There will be some new factions introduced during the campaign as well.

    Please reach out if you have questions.
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    This looks really cool! I am new to FG. I played d&d in the late 70's early 80's and lots of pc rpg games. Is there a teamspeak channel you use or is the FG product handle that too? Just saw that you use Discord. I will get that installed.
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