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    • [DEV][CoreRPG+] Added getTabCount, getTab, and addTab functions to buttongroup_tabs template.

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    I would also suggest (if you access to a Windows license), that you install Virtualbox (free VM tool), and try running in Windows. While Fantasy Grounds itself runs well on the Mac, so many of the wrapper tools you may want to use don't behave the same. I use the "native" version for some things on my Mac, but I have found I am running it in a full Windows 10 VM more and more.

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    • [DEV] DB.copyNode on image value node will copy base image file name, and reset all other associated image data.
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    • [PFRPG/3.5E] Magic double weapons did not calculate weapon entry damage types correctly when added to PC. Fixed.
    • [PFRPG/3.5E] When deleting double weapon from inventory, some auto-created weapon entries not being removed. Fixed.
    • [3.5E] Bonus skill points added for Intelligence not added correctly at first level. Fixed.

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    • [CoreRPG+] NPC identification support
    • [PFRPG/3.5E] Add automatic success and failure of saving throws on a roll of 20 or 1, respectively.
    • [CoreRPG+] Combat tracker menu button text missing in non-5E rulesets when using Simple themes. Fixed.
    • [CoreRPG+] Removed token scale widget on combat tracker token field.

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    How does one get ahold of the beta? I have steam and there is a beta tab in the properties for FG.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mazzar View Post
    Nevermind.. Found test mode
    Make sure you read this post and are aware of the issues before you attempt to run a game in TEst mode.!

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