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Thread: 13A Bug Reports

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    Not sure if this counts as a "bug" per se, but since this theme officially ships with FG now I thought it might be worth mentioning:

    The "Simple" themes (grey and brown) mostly work with this ruleset out of the box (to my knowledge at least), however the final two tabs on the character sheet have a very strange overlap issue. Do you know why this is occurring and if its possible to fix it?

    Simple Grey Theme.png

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    Just opened the Skill Challenge Tracker and received the following error:

    Script Error: [string "sct/scripts/sct_list.lua"]:70: bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got nil)

    Seems to happen the first time I open the tracker, every time.

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    For the simple themes, I will get these fixed on the next update for the themes in v3.3.6.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Moon Wizard View Post

    For the simple themes, I will get these fixed on the next update for the themes in v3.3.6.

    Great, glad to hear it! Keep up the great work guys, loving all of the content.

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    On some NPC sheets, the Save Throwing section overlaps with the Standard Action header.

    13A Bug.png

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    All bugs reported up to the time of this post have been rectified and passed on to SW for release

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    A couple of problems here:

    1) The updating didn't solve the crashing when I click on a Race or a Class in the menu I show on the pick.

    2) I can't drag and drop General Feats from the reference manual to a character's sheet. I can't do it from the Feats list (from the red icon) but no from the Reference Manual you open through the Library.

    Thanks for your good work!
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    I still have the same issue as Eneko.

    If I open the Library --> Core Rules --> Reference Manual, the I can browse the Race and Class content. I can't, however, drag and drop class and race to a character sheet from this interface.

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