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    Would it be possible... [Extension]

    Hi! Me and my players keep forgetting the Flat Footed state in the beginning of the combat.

    So, would be possible to make an extension so when I got to initiate combat it gives this effect to all characters in the combat tracker until they take their turn?


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    Yes, you can hook into the initative roll action for each character/npc and add the flatfoot effect for 1 round. Alternatively you can hook into the 'addNPC' routine in manager_combat2.lua, and add the effect after population, there's something different for charsheets (PCs) IIRC so they're a specific case as they tend to pre-exist.

    Then you'd have to remove it when their turn comes, specific for the first round else it'd keep removing the flat foot status every time their turn came up. I think the effect name detection still has the bug where it won't find 'flat-footed' due to the hyphen in the name so you'll have to either fix that in combat manager or work around it.

    Source: i've had to heavily modify the 3.5/5e/SW rule-sets for my games.
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