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    Would it be possible... [Extension]

    Hi! Me and my players keep forgetting the Flat Footed state in the beginning of the combat.

    So, would be possible to make an extension so when I got to initiate combat it gives this effect to all characters in the combat tracker until they take their turn?


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    Yes, you can hook into the initative roll action for each character/npc and add the flatfoot effect for 1 round. Alternatively you can hook into the 'addNPC' routine in manager_combat2.lua, and add the effect after population, there's something different for charsheets (PCs) IIRC so they're a specific case as they tend to pre-exist.

    Then you'd have to remove it when their turn comes, specific for the first round else it'd keep removing the flat foot status every time their turn came up. I think the effect name detection still has the bug where it won't find 'flat-footed' due to the hyphen in the name so you'll have to either fix that in combat manager or work around it.

    Source: i've had to heavily modify the 3.5/5e/SW rule-sets for my games.
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    I'd really like an extension that did this, as we have the same issue in my group!

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    When I first started using Fantasy Grounds I didn't know how to use the program well and so this was a hassle so I opted not to do it, but after reading your thread I thought I would give it a shot. So you have to enable the extensions functionality in the options menu under combat section that way you can switch it off on the fly. When you drag an NPC onto combat tracker or roll their Init on their sheet or use the menu on the CT it will apply the flat-footed condition to them set to expire when its their turn. For PCs when you roll their Init on the character sheet or use the CT menu it will apply the flat-footed condition to them set to expire on their turn, I haven't yet figured out the dragging of a roll onto the Init box yet but I never do Init that way anyway. So this happens only on rounds 0 or 1 so you will need to reset your round to 0 or 1 before you do the Init rolls for the encounter, the exception is dragging NPCs onto the CT, I'm not sure on the rule for that, I would think if you summoned in a monster on round 3 he should be flat-footed till his turn as he is taking in whats going on around him.

    See attachment in post below.
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    Well done mr900rr!

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    Added the ability to check if player has Uncanny Dodge or Improved Uncanny Dodge and does not apply flat-footed to them if they do, still working on checking NPCs for it.
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