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    Here is hoping for the best results Jay

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    Thanks for the well wishes. I was in the hospital all day on the 30th. They went in through the arm and groin (2 probes were done) so I'm having trouble walking and typing currently. My right arm is right now all yellow colored where the arm probe was. Follow up hospital visit took all day to check for recovery problems on the 1s, and I have another visit in a few days to make sure everything heals up right and am on restricted activities for a week and a half.

    Will be staying at home and taking pain meds for the next few days. They had to give stuff for pain as the right arm they probe has diabetic neurorapathy, carpal tunnel, and nerve damage (nerve damage occurred in 2015 due to med mal/abuse at another hospital), and fibromyalgia. Warned about the arm issues and they still went in he arm and nurse squeezed hard on the arm when I was in recovery and caused a lot of pain and they gave me pain meds and were going to have to send me to er if the pain didn't stop. It did but due to what happened in 2015 I have a lot problems with that arm and very bad pain flair up if pressure, lifting, etc. with it.

    Had a 50-55% blockage will know what needs to be done when I see my heart doctor on next follow up.

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    Glad you are recovering. Take care or yourself, get well, we will be here when life is ready for your return.

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    recovery hasn't gone as I would have liked.

    I ended up in ICU on Wednesday due to a blood clot in my right arm as a result of the testing. Right arm was hurting bad Saturday and the days afterwards. The pain went from mild to extreme pain that day. As the clot was hitting nerves and cutting off circulation to hand and fingers. I canceled a dentist appointment to see my heart doctor a week earlier. Tried going to. He sent me to have an ultrasound done on arm next door to his office and they sent me to ER. Which transfered me to the main Tulane hospital and to ICU.

    While waiting to go ER my glasses broke. A screw fell out and could find screw. When I was in ICU lucky a nurse took them over Optometry and they fixed them.

    I got out of the hospital late Thursday. Went home and ate. Ended up chipping a tooth. My insurance won't cover getting it looked at and I can't afford to have it looked at. My canceled appointment was for a cleaning which is covered.

    Been feeling very weak, tired, and dizzy since discharge. Went to local library to use wi fi and post, etc.

    In ICU I got pumped full of antibiotics, blood thinners and pain killers.They had to use an ultrasound to get the 2nd IV in.

    had 2 IV's in my left arm and they did about 10 needle sticks in my left arm. I took a picture of how my arm looked with my phone I can post if any one is curious to see how it looked.

    I'm on Xeralto now for the next 14 days and have to get my arm looked at once a week now.

    I'm not sure what is going on as i have been feeling very weak and tired since last night. Will try and post in the future.

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    Jay I hope things take a turn for the better for you real soon.

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    Amen, Jay. Will be praying for you, buddy.

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    Thoughts and prayers for you Jay.

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    Aye, same here Jay. Take good care of yourself.

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