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    Are you still looking for players? Is this an on going campaign that has possible longevity to it?

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    These are sanctioned society games that I run about every other week. The nature of society play is that the players change a bit from week to week, but we have a core of about 3-4 that are usually there every week. Check out the starfinder society role-playing guild handbook at the Paizo website and see if it's a format you are interested in and if so, subscribe to the pathfinder society game announcements thread for starfinder and you'll get a notice whenever I post a game.

    I likely won't run one this holiday weekend but likely will the following week. Hope to see u then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Talen View Post
    Additional Chronicles attached.
    Hi Talen - the chronicle named for me is actually for Jinx. Any chance of a re-send please?

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    Will do when I get back home this weekend.

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