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    Looking for recommendations on laptop

    Hey FG folks!

    Not really an active poster at all, but reaching out to the community to look for some advise.

    Currently in the process of looking into buying a new laptop, and good prospect is the Microsoft surface laptop. Was wondering anyone had thoughts or inputs (pro/con stuff) on the m3 vs. i5 chip. Looking to get some comparison on using it for running fantasy ground of course, but also doing some light photo editing and general office/home office work. So in general looking for an all-purpose laptop.

    Also not locked in on the MS Surface Laptop, so if anyone else have recommendations for good laptops for that I need, by all means share

    Thanks in advance!

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    Biggest issue for me for using FG on the Surface is the very high res screen!
    I have only really done some coding on mine and not run sessions.
    I usually use my 17" laptop with an external screen when I run games...
    Mine is only a Surface Pro 4 but Ill try and check out the dice rolling in particular in the next couple of days....

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