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    The last time I ran games at FG-Con (2 or 3 ago) I had a ton of cancellations at the last minute.

    I only could run one game this time and it was full and was well attended.

    I advertised the Con a little on places like the 5e Facebook group, but I thought that most events looked pretty full and expanding the outreach too much risks having people disappointed that there are no games.

    I set up my discord channel the night before (my game started 7 am my time) and I removed it shortly after my game.

    I found that the pre-Con email instructions were better this time. I emailed my players several times before the game and had my server up for character choice before the con as well.

    Lots of work for the organizers and I did not manage to kill either Trenloe or Zacchaeus in my session. I had several players in my game that were new to FG and I did a little bit of a sales job and with those two as players I had pretty good support.

    Discord was fine. I used a VPN in a hotel room and my connection appeared to be fine as well.
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    I have to say that I experienced the sound quality on Discord to be inferior to both Teamspeak and Skype. I will not be using it for voice for any of my games. It has some nice text chat tools.. similar and superior to Skype.. but.. for voice.. not great.
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    First, I appreciate all of the hard work of the organizers. Overall, things went very smoothly and I had a pleasant experience as GM.

    I appreciated the prompting about when and what to send to my players. Several of them canceled and the timely prompts allowed me find more players and have a full group without any stress. (Better instructions on handling cancellations would be appreciated - I was able to free slots, but not able to re-open them which is almost certainly a lack of understanding on my part.)

    I've intended to run an event distantly as a year ago, but this is the first time that I managed to catch wind of the event in time to get involved. Perhaps posting in individual game forums here on FG with a call to GMs 2-4 weeks before opening registrations might help with that. Besides, it would be nice to get more game systems in the mix


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