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    Randomized Dungeon Crawls

    I am hosting a 5th edition competition for players within my gaming network. The idea is that players get to pick from a pool of pregenerated characters that do not come back to life when they are killed. The fast paced dungeon crawling will take place in what I hope is going to be totally randomized rooms, hallways and other like dungeon features. This is a sort of last man standing competition in which the players with the most points per my point menu and schedule will receive rewards on their character that normally plays in my worlds. Don't worry, these rewards do not change the game in any crazy or unfair way. I am using the Boons and Blessings "other reward" options found in the DMG. MY question is this. What program exists (money not an option) that will randomize a dungeon sort of like the Diablo One algorithms? I know how to take maps and convert them into usable battlemaps on my table so I just need a dungeon to be created to give a depth of uniqueness to the competition. Any pointers are greatly appreciated.

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    There used to be a site with a dungeon generator for 5e at https://donjon.bin.sh/
    But it is offline at the moment. Perhaps just maintenance.

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    NO maps, but doesn't the DMG have a random dungeon creator in it?

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    Yes, and those tables are in FG as well.

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