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    Pushing info to clients

    In various other threads I've mentioned custom skills, powers, etc for a custom era in 7e that adding them directly to the db.xml for the campaign has resolved mostly.

    However a recent session of setting up a new character I realized that the player machines cant access the spell descriptions. If I drag the grey square (that opens the spell description for me) to an item in the characters inventory, like a book of spells, the client cant open the spell descriptions. It gives an error. Something about not being able to find the entry.

    If I put the spell in the spell section on the character sheet it works fine, but still not from the item. Similarly if I put spell links in the descriptions of other spells, such as a spell that combines two of the other spells, the description links will not open the window for the clients.

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    It's because the spells and items area completely different records. Just sharing the item does not share all the links within the item.

    While we looked at some sort of cascaded sharing at one point, it ended up being a problem; because inevitably in a well-linked rulebook, the entire book could be shared by accident.

    If the spells are campaign-specific (not in a module) or are in a GM modules, then you will need to share each spell you want them to be able to see.
    If the spells are in a player module, then the players will just need to open the module first.


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    Is there a way to batch share a group of spells or is it something that needs to be done individually?

    Is there a way to make a module out of the db.xml data? specifically for the spells or skills?

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    flekhabren Ill look at whether spells should be in a players Reference.
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    There's no batch share, but you can drag a link from the campaign list to the chat window to make the record public. This should be pretty fast for dozens of spells.

    Alternately, you could export all the spells into a player module that you can share with the players. Note, if you do this within the same campaign, you will see double of the spells (campaign version plus module version). We usually recommend creating modules in a separate campaign to allow future editing and re-export.


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