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    At the moment most users on the Fantasy Grounds Discord server cannot create rooms they can use existing rooms.
    Once FG Con starts GMs will be able to create rooms under the FG Con Channels group.

    Varsuuk you will find little difference with Discord for most things once you start.

    In relation to Voice for the Introduction session... there will be little opportunity to ask questions if we want to get thru my planned content and there will definitely not be time to answer the detailed types of questions you usually throw out there Varsuuk!

    Ill answer what I can providing it is somewhat related to the topic being worked through and that we dont fall behind.

    It is an introductory session only!

    FG Daze June 23rd 2018 - Beginners Welcome
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    Hah! No worries, I am only trying to get voice to listen.
    1. It is at a crazy hour for me, I'll ramble worse than usual
    2. I am aware it is a group thing AND time is limited.

    I just didn't want to depend on it being recorded and it all working I've done that in the past and unfortunate luck happened - figured to listen first hand.

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