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    [BUG] Results showing before Dice roll in Chat

    Hey folks!

    Today when I started up Fantasy Grounds, there was an update available. Today while gaming, some attack results were showing before the dice roll in the chat. I'm not sure if the two are related.


    Has this always been like this and I've just now noticed?

    I'm not complaining. Just reporting if this is a mistake.


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    I've noticed this as a recent change, too. I keep all the chat logs from my games, and then provide an edited version to my players as a record. There always was a certain level of randomness in the order in which the different elements appeared, but now they seem to be frequently in the "wrong" order - which leads to a lot more editing for me!
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    I can't replicate this. Are you using any extensions?

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    I also cant replicate this in 5e.

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    I've been experiencing this in the PFRPG ruleset, running very few extensions (just DOE Base and Sound), but haven't been able to replicate it in testing, either. However, looking back at my chat logs, I can see it occurring regularly, particularly with one PC.

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