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    Starfinder - The Fractured Worlds - Saturdays - 1 Slot Open!

    The Fractured Worlds… Someone just broke the multiverse.

    First off, my apologies, I know this post is super long and overly detailed, but that’s just the way I am!

    General Info

    FG License: Standard
    Game System: Starfinder
    Mods: Samarex’s Starfinder (Switching to official version at launch).
    Text or Voice: Text & Voice
    Voice software used: Vent

    Play Time

    Time Zone: EST
    Day & Time: Saturdays, 7:30 P.M. - ? (3 – 5 Hours)
    Planned Start Date: Waiting on the official launch of Starfinder module - so late January/early February.
    Planned Duration & Frequency: Every Two Weeks & Long-Term
    Note About Missing Sessions: I understand that things come up from time to time and people need to miss. If someone can’t play that week for some reason, the rest of the group will decide whether to play or postpone until the next session. Players who miss will be awarded 50% of the experience earned that session (to keep all pcs relatively close together) but will not earn treasure.

    Campaign & Players

    Campaign Start: The campaign is a homebrew with ideas stolen from all sorts of things, though parts of it will incorporate modified published adventures. Something is wrong with the multiverse. In some universes young stars are dying unexpectedly, in others time is slowing or accelerating, and other varied phenomena are occurring. The Sol Guardians, a secret and powerful group scattered across countless realities, are trying to discover why the multiverse is apparently dying and how to stop it. The Sols send teams throughout alternate realities in search of answers. One week the pcs might find themselves stealing Reaper tech from a Mass Effect reality, seeking knowledge from the Starfinder Society of Absalom Station, or trying to smuggle an artifact past a fleet of star destroyers in a Star Wars reality. The adventures could get wild and crazy, when I starting DMing on the fly sometimes you never know what will happen! (Note, if this idea turns out to not be attracting people, then I’ll look at doing just a more standard campaign set in the Starfinder setting).

    PCs have two options for getting involved.

    Option 1: You are a new member of the Sol and are being sent on your first mission. How you joined and why would be worked out with your specific background.

    Option 2: You’re in the wrong place at the wrong time and get caught up in a Sol mission. With survival at stake, you’re forced to tag along for the moment. Maybe you stay because you want to join up and help save the multiverse, or maybe the rush of adventure and potential of loot are too much to pass up.

    About Me: I’ve DMed for several years with groups of friends and for a few years with Fantasy Grounds. I’ve DMed D&D 3, 3.5, 5th and a little Starfinder. I’m not a Fantasy Grounds expert, and I’m still learning all its tricks, so hopefully you’ll bear with me. I’m a huge Mass Effect fan and been playing D&D since the mid-90's. On a personal note, my wife and I are in the process of trying to adopt a little boy, so just be forewarned things may come up from time to time and I'll need to reschedule a session, but this shouldn't be frequent if at all.

    What We’re Looking For In Fellow Players: We’re a pretty laid back group. We joke a lot and just want to have fun. Sometimes we’ll get sidetracked talking about Star Wars, Big Bang Theory, or whatever cool thing is out at the moment, but I try to get us back on track if I feel we’ve strayed off course too long. We don’t mind the occasional cursing (especially if your pc just took a laser bolt to the knee), but prefer you don’t drop the f-bomb every ten seconds. We try to follow the rules, and I don’t mind a rules discussion here and there, but if I make a final decision, I ask you to accept it and not be angry the rest of the night about it – just have fun!

    PC Info

    Players Needed: Looking for 2 – 3 players. Two friends of mine that I’ve been playing with for a while will be joining in.
    Character Starting Level & Equipment: Level 2 & 2000 Credits
    Stats: Standard point buy from page 18 of the Starfinder Core Rulebook.
    Character Restrictions: Core and Legacy Races. Additional races from Alien Archive may be allowed, please pm with the race you’d like to play, and we’ll discuss. Other races could also be options (Mass Effect, Star Wars, etc. – mainly cosmetic though. For example if you wanted to be krogan or twi’lek, we’d use the racial bonuses/abilities of a similar race for gameplay mechanics – vesk and human respectively for example).
    Alignment: I prefer players to be good or at least neutral. I generally don’t enjoy it when pcs are outright evil, but I’m willing to discuss it with you if you have a character concept you’re really wanting to play.


    Roleplay & Combat Mix: I try to do a good mix of roleplaying and combat. Some nights may favor one over the other. We’ll be avoiding starship combat for at least the first few sessions as I’m still learning Starfinder, but we will get into starship combat for sure at some point.
    Adventure: I generally use official published adventures, but I really enjoy injecting my own sidequests, characters, etc.

    If you have any questions or are interested, please feel free to PM me. If you’d think you’d like to join us let me know what you’d like to play and we’ll chat about it.
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    Recruited one person so far for sure, and after talking it over, we've decided to delay starting until the official module comes out later this month. So start date will be towards the end of January/early February.

    Currently we have:
    Ysoki Operative
    Android Operative
    One Player Undecided (Possibly a soldier, but waiting to see what others pick)

    I'd like 1 - 2 more people. PM me with questions!

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    id be willing to try it out. i recently bought starfinder i will make a character right away. if u approve for me to join.
    ive been looking for a rpg for quite awhile due to my location i haven't been able to find a group in person.

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    Sounds good Kalvinj!

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    Which module are you waiting for?

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    We're going to start playing as soon as the Core Rulebook comes out this month.

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    Wasn't it released in August 17th last year? Paizo is selling the PDF for ten bucks.

    I'm interested in playing.

    EDIT: Are you GMing an Adventure Path or homebrew? If it is an AP, which one?
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    I'd be interested, EST myself and that day/time would be good with me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by brunotrodrigues View Post
    Wasn't it released in August 17th last year? Paizo is selling the PDF for ten bucks.

    I'm interested in playing.

    EDIT: Are you GMing an Adventure Path or homebrew? If it is an AP, which one?
    Hey yeah, the book was. We're waiting on the official Fantasy Grounds module though is what I meant, sorry! It is a sort've homebrew, though I'll be using stuff from the official adventures sprinkled throughout and adapted to the our story.

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    Bruno and Cullen, did you guys have any questions about the group, playstyle, or anything else? I tried to be pretty thorough in my post. =)

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