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    Ruins of Undermountain

    FG License: Ultimate
    Game System: D&D 5e

    Time Zone: UK
    Day of week and time: day to be discussed, 18:30 UK time
    If new game, planned start date: tbc
    Planned Duration & Frequency:Weekly, 3-5 hrs per session

    Text or Voice:Voice only
    Voice software used: Discord

    Roleplay & Combat mix: 40/60
    Number of Players in game & needed: looking for 5
    Character starting level & equipment: tbc depending on numbers, probably lvl 5
    Character restrictions: nothing silly

    Hi guys, Ive spent the last couple of months converting the old ruins of undermountain box into something I can use in fantasy grounds. I am looking to run this as Dm with a group of 5 people ideally.

    i'm using high quality scans of the original maps, and there will be plenty of opportunities for roleplaying along the way.

    probably going to start around lvl 5, regular starting gear.

    although I consider myself to be a fairly laid back DM I do try to make it as high quality an experience as I can for the players.

    and beginners are welcome, if you're new don't worry.

    anyone interested in this? we can try to arrange a day if I get enough interest..

    any questions just ask

    thanks for reading!

    Details of your scenario:


    Undermountain awaits you: the fabled and feared battleground of the Realms - "The Deepest Dungeon Of Them All."

    Dare you face miles upon miles of deadly traps, glittering treasures, strange and cryptic rooms, and slithering, skulking, lurking monsters? They await you underneath Waterdeep!

    Undermountain is a dungeon setting: the oldest, largest, and deadliest dungeon-crawl in the Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting. It is the place where intrepid adventurers endeavour to become veterans, to win a place among the rich and famous - if they survive its depths. Enter an endless maze where waiting death bears a thousand faces and treasures lie hidden in a thousand places..

    Late at night, when the lamps are flickering low and the wine is running out, taverns in Waterdeep resound with wild tales of how this mage or that rogue or some such band of adventurers went down into Undermountain, and what befell them there. Nearly everyone has a story about “what happened to the great Company of the Grey Griffon” or “how my great-uncle Jareth barely escaped the embrace of 26 maedar and medusae” within the halls of Undermountain. The best tales, of course, are those that end with the safe return of adventurers laden with gems, gold coins, magical swords, and grand suits of armor. Rarely the stories tell of more magnificent things like the giant, silvery snail ridden around Castle Ward by The Company of the Cleaver. Many adventuring bands emerge relatively unscathed from the depths, including Waterdeep’s own Company of Crazed Venturers, and the famed Knights of Myth Drannor. More common by far are the harrowing tales of those who go in and never come
    out, those who are found dead, or the poor lost souls driven mad in the depths. A silent toast is often raised in memory of the less fortunate: the elves of The Merry Banner, the dwarves of The Red And Black Axes, and the men of The Company of the Silver Dragon, The Company of the Brown Bear, and The Brotherhood of the Hydra. Pray to your gods, brave adventurers, that ye end up not among them. . .

    Undermountain? Ah, yes. A great place to have fun, the most famous battlefield in which to earn a reputation as a veteran adventurer—and the largest known mass grave in Faerun today - Elminster of Shadowdale.

    Link to Gamecalendar page:
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    Would love to give it a go. First time on FG tho but i play D&D for a long time now.

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    cool. just need a few more and we can see about setting a date

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    Hi there,

    I'm interested - I play quite a bit of D&D on Play by post and have been in a couple of FG text only games......I've not played face to face (Or voice to voice if you will) though - so in that I'm a n00b.....

    However, realistically I can only do Tuesdays, so if that causes problems for other people I can recuse myself forthwith.....=0)


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    I'd like to give this a try. I'm new to 5e and FG, but not to rpgs (tough maybe a little bit rusty).
    Any day should be fine.

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    It would depend on the day but I would be interested...

    Can I play a Drider???

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    if everyone signs up to the game calendar we can talk about days and dates on there. sure you can play a drider, but its not a starting race. you would have to piss off lolth somehow along the way

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    Quote Originally Posted by flashingturtle View Post
    if everyone signs up to the game calendar we can talk about days and dates on there.
    Ah right, ok. Sorry - didn't know the etiquette and was worries it was a bit rude to just apply on a calendar without confirmation first....=0)

    Application made.....

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    Ow there is one thing thoough - i can't play like on fixed day each week. I work as a firefighter so i work in shifts. Best for me would be if we could decide next session's date after each session. I hope that would not be too much of a problem for you guys.

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