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    Yea send us through specifics when you get a chance and I'll be cool to voice chat when ready.

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    Philippines (GMT+8)
    I'm in the Philippines (GMT+8) so the timezone is close enough to manage I think.
    I'd be interested in a mid-week game every other week during our evenings, but only if it's 7pm onward for me

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    So 9pm Thursday night's (aest) is 6pm Perth time and 7pm Philippines time so that would seem to work for all of us so far by the sounds of it.

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    Sounds good I am from SA so timings and Thursday should be fine with me for now. I have played 5e on FG actually LMOP getting to Lvl 6 but willing to go through again.
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    Sounds like we have a group coming together! I will brush up on my dm skills and on how to use FG and will message you all in the new year

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    Hi all.
    I Just got Fantasy ground for Xmass. Would love to play with some other middle aged noobs.
    I'm also in Perth, Thursday anytime is good for me.
    I haven't played DnD for years, but have been playing home-brews and Lovecraft based systems for the last couple of years with friends.
    Discord ready


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    Another Aussie registering interest. Keen to play any system at most reasonable times. I have an Ultimate license and all the relevant 5e books.

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    Alright been reading and thinking. I think I have a character outline ready. I've not played dnd before (only other systems) but I've been reading and should be ready to go when we start.

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    Was sent the link to this thread via Discord, as I was looking for people my own TZ or close enough.

    Would be interested in joining this group as soon as I can get the basics down and actually know what I am doing. Never played the tabletop of FG versions before (experience limited to PC RPG's based off DnD rules) I am endeavoring to get up to speed ASAP as my time allows. Discord ready (use it extensively) but Game noob

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    Just bought fantasy grounds and am ready to go.

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