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    I am a Canuck living in Hong Kong. I would love to join an existing game or help form a new one. I am an ultimate license holder. I would love to play some old school adventures but am open to most anything.


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    I'm located in Seoul, which appears to be - 2 hours from your current Time Zone.

    I'm looking for a weekly game myself that starts after hours (around 9 or 10 PM) mytime.

    It's probably a long shot but if this works out for you ping me.

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    You appear to be +9 and I am +8. Yes that time would work for me, it would be nice to play Thursday or Friday though most any day would work.


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    I'd be interested in joining a game. I would be available from about 9pm your time til about midnight or so. Can go a bit later if the game dictates.

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    Your thread described me so well I had to comment. Love to get into 5e DnD. Used to play in the 80/90s 2nd Ed. Ive brought the players handbook as I went to a convention here in Sydney and wanted to get up to speed with the new rules.
    Never used FG but trying to find a ,in person, game out in the Western suburbs of Sydney is a pain in the rear, especially with work. Willing to learn the ropes and I want to DM eventually. I have the free download and am willing to upgrade to play.
    Hopefully I fit what your after.

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    Hey there, if your still looking im interested. Melb AUS here and best time would be Sunday 8:30pm.
    Let me know if its suitable. For the record, about to turn 40 and never use FG before.
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