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    Time poor middle aged noobs from australia

    Just an expression of interest at this stage. If people are interested then we can work on the details. Looking towards starting feb/march 2018.

    FG License: Standard. If there is enough interest I will buy ultimate license, if you don't mind an inexperienced DM/GM. Experienced Dm's more than welcome.
    Time Zone: UTC +11
    Day(s) of week, frequency, and time: This group will be for time-poor players. Flexible, but I am thinking maybe Thursday nights every second week for 3-4 hours.
    Term: Start with a couple of one shots then move to modules/campaign
    Voice: Discord voice

    Game System Preferred: D&D 5E
    Game System Experience: Well I for one am a middle-aged noob who hasn't played D&D since the late 80's. So this will be a group for those possibly wanting to learn together. Experienced players welcome! Flexible with ages too.

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    Hi Kenbrehed, and Welcome! to the Community!

    Its always nice to meet a fellow Ozzie - you might want to think about joining the FG Australian Players Group (here) - there's not a lot of online activity in the group per-say, but its a way for us Ozzies to keep tabs on each other

    If you haven't done so already, let me encourage you to take a look at some of the great Tutorial Videos available on the Fantasy Grounds Wiki (and on YouTube). Damn's are good, as are Xorn's, and people seem to like mine as well (mine are also available from the links in my sig, below).

    Start with the ones on the CoreRPG, because the CoreRPG forms the foundation of just about all the RPGs we play with Fantasy Grounds - so by learning how to use FG with the CoreRPG you'll learn about 80% of what you'll need to know to play any RPG with Fantasy Grounds. Once you've gone through the CoreRPG Videos you can then go on to Videos about your chosen RPG.

    When you get familiar with the basic Fantasy Grounds product the next step is to check out some of the Extensions (Plug-Ins) for FG, such as the DOE: Sound, DOE: Locations, DOE: Weather and DOE: Organisations Extensions (to name a but a few - and a Shameless™ Self Plug).

    And keep on asking questions - we're a pretty friendly lot here, and we love answering questions.


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    Thanks Dulux for the tips! I am making my way through some tutorial videos and also doing some of the stuff with the online school. I will join the Australian players group. Thanks for the meet and greet!

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    When playing in less well populated timezones sometimes you might find that if you have 3 players its best to start and then post a quick fortnightly recap here including a "room for one more player" note. Over time you will add players.

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    Ok I am super keen to get in on a group for Thursday night's. I have training till about 8.30-9ish so would love to start around then preferably 9.

    I would love to play savage worlds. If your coming back after a long time it's very straight forward system easy to learn and I have 500+ hours in it so I could help if you need.

    What kind of game are you thinking? I'd love sci-fi or fantasy.

    Really keen for a Thursday night group if you are.

    Here is a little more about me if your interested.

    I'd be willing to throw in a few bucks to help with your purchase of fantasy grounds for the group too if needed.
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    Hi Kenbrehed

    Will have to see what night/time you end up playing, but drop me into the mix for now.

    I'm in Perth (so time zones shouldn't be too much of a hassle), also middle-aged and haven't played D&D since the 80's. I have a standard license and a bit of experience with FG (mainly Rolemaster Classic).

    Hope to hear from you
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    If we did 9pm Melbourne time that'd be 6pm Perth time which would work well I'd imagine?

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    Yep, that's right. Very easy for me to manage a 3 or 4 hour session starting at 6:00pm. Or even longer although that would be post-midnight for any Eastern states players.

    Obviously, reverts to 2 hour time difference when daylight savings finishes. So that would be a 7pm for me.
    You are not outnumbered! You are just in a target rich environment!

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    Damned...thanks for the tip...start it up...good advice!

    Burning Bush...had my heart set on D&D 5e...I don't know much about savage worlds but I am keeping an open mind. I will do a bit of research and watching a few videos and i will let you know if I am keen.

    Dunadan...sounds great....happy to fit into western australian time to a degree...may mean slightly shorter session...but I am keen to make those sessions great....i reckon 3-4 hours is still achievable....
    I am reading up on players handbook and DM manual to update myself and am now thinking of a nice simple Mine of Phandelver walkthrough to begin with, let me know if it sounds okay...and no peeking ....

    I shall message further down the track with specifics and maybe we can get together for a voice chat to discuss time/duration/roll a character etc.

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    I've got no experience with Savage Worlds either. I haven't played 5e, but have played earlier versions and some Pathfinder. So, I'm confident that the transition to 5e won't be too hard.

    Most of my FG games have been Rolemaster (RMC).

    Just send me a pm when you decide what system you plan to use. I'll start thinking about a character...
    You are not outnumbered! You are just in a target rich environment!

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