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    LFP: Starfinder: Dead Suns

    FG License: Ultimate
    Game System: Starfinder

    Time Zone: EST
    Day of week and time: Sunday 1:15-3:45
    If new game, planned start date: Game Started 2/11/18
    Planned Duration & Frequency: Weekly, 2 1/2-3 hours; players need to be on time due to short duration
    Term: Long Term. Players need to be able to reliably show up

    Text or Voice: Text
    Voice software used: N/A

    Roleplay & Combat mix: 50/50 Published Adventure Path
    Number of Players in game & needed: Need up to 1 more player, have 5
    Character starting level & equipment: Start at level 1, 1000 credits
    Character restrictions: Core and Legacy Races, Contemplative, Dragonkin, Drow, Formian, Space Goblin, Ikeshti, Kalo, Maraquoi, Nuar, Reptoid, Ryphorian, Skittermander, Verthani, Witchwyrd, Wrikreechee; I will also have several pregens available for people. Additionally, if people want, they can tell me (example) "I want to play a Xenoseeker Theme Dwarven Exocortex Mechanic" or "I wanna play a butt-kicking Vesk." and I'll create the character for you as an option. The only real restriction I'm going to make is that we have to have PCs for each of the Starship Roles. Starship combat really breaks down if you don't have the proper skills.

    Details of your scenario: The PCs are new recruits of the Starfinder Society, just enroot to Absalom Station, the core of the Pact Worlds, via the shuttle Okimoro. Are they destined to become the Society's new champions, or a small footnote in the annals of time? Dead Suns is Paizo's (first) official Adventure Path for the Starfinder game, and so far they have published 3 of the 6 adventure path books. By the time we finish the first, they'll likely have the 4th out, and by the time we get there. they'll probably have the last 2 done.

    We will be using the wonderful extension and modules from Samarex, and probably will switch over to the official Ruleset when it's released. I will be inputting the AP myself. My home internet is pretty bad, so I will be running the game via a Hamachi server from the local library. This restricts the time I can run the game, so please apply only if you can commit to be on time and available at least 3 play days a month.

    About me: I've been GMing since the 70s, mostly for family and local groups in the early stages, but have been running online games for the past 6+ years as the local groups have moved on. I've been running on Fantasy Grounds for about 2 years, and have a pretty good grasp (although I'm always learning new things.) I ran Pathfinder Demos for Paizo at GenCon last year, and am thus very familiar with (at least the basics) of the game system; although having run Pathfinder since the alpha playtest I might occasionally get the two mixed up. I tend to play the rules pretty much as they're written/intended with few house rules. For Starfinder, I likely will just go with what Paizo has written except when we get to an area not covered by the rules. I enjoy roleplaying, and prefer that players are engaged both in and out of combat.

    Links to resources:
    Starfinder System Reference Document

    Samarex's Starfinder for FG

    Link to Gamecalendar page:
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    This sounds like a lot of fun and I could definitely consistently play at that time on Sundays. I have a friend that doesn't frequent the forums but he would be able to consistently play on Sundays as well. We both have a full license of FG.

    I'm on my phone and can make a more formal player application later today.

    I will probably play a bounty hunter operative who is a jack of all trades or an outlaw envoy. My friend will most likely play a vesk soldier.

    *Edit 2: Return of the Edit*

    Definitely playing an Envoy. Party face, party buffer, wheeler and dealer. His social skillset would fill out the Captain role nicely.
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    I would interested in the Saturday Game.

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    Color me interested. Either day should work for me as I don't need to make work runs until early evening. Text only does not other me as I run a pair of games which are text only. Allows for deeper role play.

    Don't really care what role I would play as I will work with the group. Will be the first Starfinder game that I will play, but I have read the CRB. Just a heads up, I was working on entering Dead Suns as a game I would run sometime in the future. Granted I don't remember anything I converted, but figured I'd be up front about reading some of it.
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    The Reaping Stone: Monday Nights @ 8pm
    Return of the Rune Lords: Wednesday Nights @ 8pm

    Time Zone: Central Time (GMT -6)

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    I am also interested, the only available day for me would be Saturday tho.
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    I would also be interested, and while Sunday would be preferred, I'm available in either time slot. This would be my first official Starfinder game, but I've been doing D&D / Pathfinder for ages.

    First pick would likely be a mechanic, leaning towards the gunner or engineer ship roles.

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    Looks like we're about tied on Saturday and Sunday with 4 each. Anyone else looking for a Starfinder game?

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    Looks like you'll just have to run two games..
    Ultimate License Holder

    The Reaping Stone: Monday Nights @ 8pm
    Return of the Rune Lords: Wednesday Nights @ 8pm

    Time Zone: Central Time (GMT -6)

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    I would definitely be interested. Sunday would be my preferred day, if the options still exist.

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    Looks like we're going with Sundays. Initial post has been edited to reflect this.

    For those Sundays work for, please start the collaboration on character concepts here.

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