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    You won't be able to add the descriptions by editing anything in the .pak. You can use the skills library and create the basic skills as you did the advanced skills. Once completed you can drop the links from the skills library onto the basic skill list. I don't have the description active in the built in basic skills due to copyright issues.

    The missions library is for building "quests" and having the experience points they are worth generated ahead of time. Once a mission is started, drop the mission into the Party Sheet, you can award the xp directly to the PC's from there once they complete it.
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    Brilliant. Thank you very much! Does that mean then if a player wanted to create a new character, they would need to delete the basic skills that auto populate the char sheet and put in my basic skills to replace them or can I get my basic skills to replace the auto populated basic skills automatically?

    As an aside, I watched both your videos and noticed they are from last year. Do you plan on making anymore? I’d love to see one just where you show making a quick career, home world, weapon, armour piece just to ensure I’m doing it right. I realise you have a life outside this so it’s fine if not, it’s just you mention in the vids you will be making additional ones.
    Many thanks for your help and the rules set again

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    No need to replace the basic skills that are auto populated at PC creation. Just have the player drag the shortcut links from your skills library to the corresponding link on the character sheet. This will allow them to view the skills you have made. Dodge would still be dodge, it would simply use your link and description. This also allows you to build custom skills that can be dropped onto the character sheet skill list.

    I had planned on making another video, I never really had any feed back on what was needed in future videos so I stopped at two. Perhaps a "library" video would be worth doing. I will look into doing one.

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    Thank you very much. I’d definitely love a library video to quickly cover those elements I mentioned. As I’ve said, I’m a bit of a fantasy grounds newb and trying to absorb all the tutorials and things I can but setting up customs rule set stuff is a bit different to those others, though your existing videos and documents helped greatly!

    Also, how do I ensure things like my created talent "Crushing Blow" hooks into your pre made "Crushing Blow" rules for the system?
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    Also Also. I may be being really stupid here, but I'm trying to create Pre Gen characters to run a session and I can't enter stats. When I click on the Characteristics, I'm not given the option to enter a number and double clicking results in a roll. Right clicking doesn't result in a relevant context either. Am I missing something really obvious?

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    The characteristics have to be entered into the XP tab. There you also set the Universal Characteristic and any other modifiers that you want to apply such as advance.
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    Oh god yes! And I watched the video too! . Also, is there an answer to the question above that dumb one?

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    If you made a custom Crushing Blow talent that works different that the ruleset version, then you would have to edit the actual coding of the ruleset. Otherwise, just create a modifier for the effect your custom talent has and use it as needed.

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