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    Sorry guys. I completely spaced the game tonight. Started training for a new job this week, and one of our pets is very sick.Comletely stressed out and exhausted, I fell asleep on the couch and missed the game. Hope it all went well.Apologies.


    Player of Pathfinder, D&D, Castles and Crusades, and open to trying new things.
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    Can generally play any day any time.
    Have GM'ed Pathfinder and hope to return to that once I figure out this whole "online" thing.

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    Previously-- I had real-life obligations that prevented me from participating in the last session. Many thanks to Sankhur and Bart for keeping excellent notes and filling me in on the action. Briefly, here's what happened: the Companions entered the Northern Cave, where they ran into more of the mutated pirate creatures and were surprised in mid-combat by the attack of another creature they had not previously seen-- this one resembling a flying raccoon. After the battle they moved into a huge cavern filled with lines of drying silk, where they battled a velociraptor. After another tough fight, the party found a chamber containing chests. One of the chests contained counterfeit money, one contained valuable navigational charts and books. A third chest contained 2000 copper pieces and a sign that read "Drink Chest." In a nearby tide pool area, they discovered the fate that had befallen Brissa-- Vanthus' once fair girlfriend, the artist from Sasserine. Vanthus had mutated her into one of the pirate creatures. Mutant Brissa was accompanied by a vanguard of two pirates. A savage battle ensued, culminating in her tragic death. Books and papers the companions recovered after the battle showed that she had been part of a fencing operation for the Crimson Fleet, and that she had a scheduled appointment to meet Vanthus earlier that day on the island, when he obviously mutated her. Sounds of combat from further into the caverns cut the research short and the party rushed to see what was transpiring. They found a fierce female warrior engaged with 6 of the pirate creatures. She was holding them off, but she was outnumbered, wounded, and showing signs of fatigue. The companions rushed to her aid. Bart got a critical shot off, exploding one of the creature's heads with a well-placed musket ball, but a second one sunk its teeth deeply into his arm and he felt fire burning in his veins. After another brutal battle, the companions emerged victorious, but having suffered heavy injuries. The woman's name was Harliss Javell, a Captain with the Crimson Fleet. She told the party that Vanthus had double-crossed the Fleet, setting their ships ablaze. He then broke open a black pearl that mutated most of the survivors, before diving into the water and swimming away. Harliss told them she had sent her First Mate to murder the Vanderboren Family in revenge. Mal and Sankhur were able to intimidate her into providing them with the means to call off the attack-- a handwritten note, and one of her earrings as proof for the First Mate.

    Last time, in Savage Tides

    Or, why you shouldn't stand behind doors.

    With Lavinia's life in danger, the Companions raced back to the harbor. Hurriedly, they replaced the steering wheel they had removed from the Sea Wyvern-- the one still sea-worthy vessel they found upon their arrival at the cove. Thanks to Bart's navigational prowess, with an assist from Deacon, they were able to sail back to the Blue Nixie, where they transferred two crewmembers to the Wyvern and raced back to Sasserine under full sail with a skeleton crew. Bart could feel the infection burning in his arm, but kept silent.

    It took 3/4 of a day to make it back to Sasserine, where they discovered that the Annual Wyrmfall Festival was in full swing. They had completely forgotten the holidays with everything that had been transpiring. They decided to dock the Sea Wyvern as close to the Vanderboren Estate as possible, at a cost of 1 Silver per day.

    Using agility, they were able to slip quickly through the crowds. They arrived back at the estate to discover that everything was eerily silent. The dogs were all dead.

    The front door was locked, and while Mal began to pick the lock, Greenie and Bart climbed to the second floor and entered through a bedroom window.

    Mal flung open the door to see two Bullywugs standing guard. He dispatched one of them, but Deacon and Sankhur were unable to take down the second one with their first round of attacks. Bart and Greenie emerged from the 2nd floor bedroom overlooking the foyer below. Greenie made an acrobatics roll down to join the battle, just as four more Bullywugs emerged from other rooms. One of the Bullywugs attacked Greenie with its long prehensile tongue. Bart followed Greenie down with an acrobatic maneuver of his own, just as Greenie gripped the frog's tongue, pulling the creature in close and severing its tongue with his blade, dispatching it. Deacon sent Presto upstairs to locate Lavinia and Cinder-Bolted another of the Bullywugs as two more joined the combat along with their war leader, Huntress Lorb Lorb Tub. As the others took down the soldier frogs, Mal closed with the leader.

    Upstairs, Presto used his cat senses to find Lavinia. He located her scent on the third floor behind a closed door. He could hear croaking sounds and talking voices, but was unable to make out what they were saying. Following Deacon's orders, he quickly returned to his master to report.

    Mal, Deacon, and Bart all got hits on Huntress Lorb Lorb Tub, and Bart delivered the coup de grace, causing 3 wounds with one round of attacks. Meanwhile, one of the Bullywug soldiers got a lucky strike on Greenie, causing a serious gut wound which almost proved fatal. Even after Sankhur's healing, Greenie's abilities were impaired. After mopping up the remaining Bullywugs, the companions raced up the stairs to the third floor. They could hear loud voices and a female whimper coming from Lavinia's bedroom.

    Mal slammed into the door, breaking it open, and crushing a Bullywug soldier to death who had been standing in front of it. They found Lavinia bound and gagged and tied to a chair. She had obviously been roughed-up some, but was otherwise unharmed. There were four Bullywug soldiers in the room, along with their Shaman, Gorg. Harliss' half-orc first mate was also present-- stretched out on Lavinia's bed. Before any of them had time to react, the companions showed Harliss' note and earring. The first mate responded: "well, that's good enough for me," and prepared to leave. Gorg, however, demanded 1,000 gold as ransom.

    Through a combination of intimidation and subterfuge, the party managed to convince the shaman that they had slain his entire warband upon entering the estate (which they soon found to be untrue, as there was actually a small army of Bullywugs). Convinced of the threat the companions posed, Gorg agreed to accept a lesser sum-- 1,000 silver instead of gold. Having learned from Gorg that the bulk of their forces were in the basement, along with their Chieftain, the companions decided that discretion was the better part of valor and agreed to pay up.

    Lavinia, finally untied, fairly screamed at them that the Frogs had taken Kora to the basement. The party raced down, but arrived too late-- finding their halfling friend's broken, bloody, and lifeless form callously discarded on the cold stone floor. Sankhur examined her and determined that she had not yet been dead for an hour. Unanimously, they agreed to use their one dose of last chance salve to return her to life. Lavinia was overjoyed, and shattered by the evening's experience.

    In the aftermath, they spoke to Lavinia about her mother's book and the colony that her family had established on the far off mystical island. She wanted to establish a trade route, believing that it could be a very profitable enterprise, and asked the companions to stand by her once more as her partners in the venture. They readily agreed. The journey was set to begin in two weeks' time, and Lavinia told them the trip should take 3 months. Furthermore, she fully expected to see her treacherous sibling there-- and this time Vanthus no longer enjoyed his sister's protection.

    The companions had their new ship retrofitted, and re-christened the Tempest, a name suggested by Bart. They purchased siege ballista for fore and aft, and Lavinia helped them hire a full crew. The Tempest, a faster and more combat-oriented vessel, would serve as escort for Lavinia's flagship, the Blue Nixie.

    The Crew of the Tempest:
    Bart – Captain
    Amelia – First Mate
    Deacon – Chief Navigator
    Urrol – Second Navigator
    Sankhur – Ship's doctor
    Father Feres – Second doctor
    Mal – Quartermaster
    Greenie – Security
    Tavey – Cabin Boy
    Churtle – Cook
    Lirith – Officer
    Skald – Midshipman
    10 Crewmembers
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    Sorry guys-- I am a day late getting my recap posted this week. Here goes--


    Last time, in Savage Tides

    "From Hell's Heart, I stab at thee..."

    Much of the session was devoted to finalizing plans for our long ocean voyage. At dinner with Lavinia the Companions poured over maps and navigational charts with Urrol, the sage. They were warned to keep a sharp lookout-- the Crimson Fleet was known to have outposts along the archipelago leading South. Lavinia's plans were to more or less follow the course charted by her parents-- stopping every two weeks to take on fresh water and provisions along the way. All told the trip was scheduled to take 80 days, with stops at:

    Fort Blackwell
    Some Tamoachan ruins where Urrol wants to mount an excursion
    Fort Greenrock
    The mysterious island

    Lavinia's ship, the Blue Nixie, was to function as the Flagship and primary cargo transport. The companions' ship, the Tempest, would serve as armed escort. Lavinia noted that a representative from one of her investors, the Merovinci family, would be accompanying us, and she barely repressed a shudder at the thought.

    Lavinia and Urrol cautioned the party that her mother's now translated journal was a record of the Vanderboren's first of many trips to the island. It was very likely that the island contains a great many things her mother didn't comment on, and also that things had changed over time.

    The following day, the party went shopping one final time to acquire last minute provisions for the trip and to pay a retainer to the Mage who works for them guarding their base. Among their last minute acquisitions were a potion of strength for Mal, and some half-weight chain armor for Bart, both provided by Niemen the Mage from items left behind in the former Thieves' Guild. They also purchased some Muskets for Bart and the ingredients necessary to make gunpowder and shot. At a suggestion from Sankhur, they also had several barrels of oil brought aboard.

    At approximately 20 minutes to launch, the member of the Merovinci family arrived at the docks. The young Noble's name was Avneer, and he was a typical fop-- complaining about the accomodations non-stop. He had a servant with him, and actually expected to bring his horse along. The party tricked him into sending his servant back to bring provisions for the horse while showing Avneer to his quarters. Meanwhile, they set sail leaving horse and servant behind in Sasserine.

    As the voyage progressed, the party found out more about some of their travelling companions.

    Avneer, while every bit the fop he appeared to be, actually had some experience on ships, and was a decent fighter with a blade. He also fancies himself a ladies man, and chases pretty much every woman he sees. Some (like Lavinia) he pursues harder than others
    Father Feres is a cleric of Heironeous
    Skeld keeps to himself and doesn't talk much
    Urrol talks a lot about his two passions: nature and history
    Lirith is a female barbarian, and the target for Avneeer's amorous advances while aboard the Tempest. She is not amused by his attention.

    After five days at sea, Lavinia signaled with a mirror for the companions to come aboard the Blue Nixie for dinner. A rope was tied off between the ships with a chair attached, functioning like a sideways elevator as the rope was raised or lowered on one side or the other. Greenie crossed in style-- sliding across the rope and then performing a backflip at the end. Not to be outdone, Bart followed suit pulling off an acrobatics feat of his own. The remainder of the party rode the chair across.

    At dinner, Avneer continued to hit on Lavinia almost continuously. Bart was able to run interference, offering him distracting conversation, for which Lavinia was very grateful. After dinner conversation continued over drinks until darkness had set in earnest. After a last toast from their hostess, the companions decided it was time to return to the Tempest.

    Greenie and Bart crossed in style once more. Sankhur followed more cautiously. When Mal was about halfway across, he noticed the rope fraying and shapes moving in the water. The rope broke suddenly and he plunged into the ocean.

    Mal found the water brackish-- fouled with chum. One gigantic shark and three medium-sized ones were circling the area between the ships, and moved immediately to attack.

    Sankhur was first to act, blessing Mal and raising his swimming ability. Bart fired his pistol at one of the medium sharks, killing it. Greenie heroically leaped from the deck of the Tempest onto the back of another of the sharks, attacking it with his cutlass. The giant shark attacked Mal with a bite, but Mal was able to soak the damage. The shark Greenie landed on attempted to bite him, but was unable to twist far enough to land the attack. Deacon tried a confusion attack against the Giant Shark, which failed, and resorted to a full power Cinder Bolt, which roasted the creature. Greenie attacked the shark he was riding again, and this time his cutlass struck true, slaying it. With his second attack, he took out the final shark.

    Hauling Mal and Greenie back aboard the Tempest, the party examined the rope. It had been cut partially through. The party realized that they had a saboteur aboard. Tavey and Lirith had been on the deck on duty during the dinner party, and neither of them had seen anything out of the ordinary. The companions thoroughly searched the ship from stem to stern.

    Below deck, Sankhur discovered a bucket with traces of rotting meat that had obviously been used to chum the water. Deacon had Presto examine it with his keen cat senses. Presto said although there were 26 people on the crew, he could smell the scent of a 27th person.

    The companions searched the ship again, this time with renewed purpose and the aid of Presto. In the cargo hold, Sankhur spotted a barrel on its side that had been emptied. There was obvious evidence that someone had been sleeping in it. On the upper deck the companions discovered that one of the lifeboats had also been used for sleeping. Presto confirmed the same scent-- of the mysterious 27th passenger-- in both locations. A rope hung over the side of the Tempest led down to the water. Bart used his ring of water walking to investigate further and found signs that someone had recently climbed both ships.

    Hours passed as the party attempted one idea for finding the assassin after another and repeatedly came up empty. Around 3 AM they began to feel the effects of fatigue and decided to take watches on the top deck and try to get some sleep.

    Bart took the first watch, and the other companions had scarcely had time to bed down by the time Lavinia signalled from the Nixie her intentions to come aboard. The sailors afixed a new rope, and she slid across. Sharing a bitter drink with Bart, the two discussed the assassin and the companions' attempts to find him. Lavinia pointed out at the ocean where Bart could see a dolphin playing in the waves. Distracted, he didn't notice the knife until Lavinia had slipped it between his ribs. "Heldrath Colonni says hello, my dear," she hissed in a voice that was not Lavinia's.

    The assassin's form shifted, and she became a younger version of Rowan Colonni, one of Heldrath's daughters that the companions had tangled with in the past. Bart struck at the assassin twice causing little damage, and shouted, raising the alarm. The noise awakened Mal, who rushed to the deck in time to slash at her-- again, causing little damage. Mal also began to shout. The assassin attacks Bart again, causing another injury. This one burned from the touch of her blade.

    Sankhur was the next to awaken. He too began shouting as he ran for the upper deck-- this time waking Deacon and Greenie in their cabins. Mal launched a flurry of attacks against the assassin. He was unable to intimidate her, and his blows did almost no damage again. She struck at Bart again, but this time was unable to cause any damage to him. Sankhur blessed Bart and Mal, rasing their fighting skill. Bart lands another blow with a flourish, but she shrugged off the damage.

    Weary from loss of sleep, Deacon attempted another Cinder Bolt, but was stopped in his tracks by an Arcane Backlash. Greenie made it to the deck and closes with her, scoring a hit which got through her defenses. Sankhur called down a curse on her, lowering her fighting ability. Mal hit her again, doing significantly more damage. Severely wounded and outnumbered, the assassin attempted to flee by diving over the edge. This forced her to disengage from both Bart and Mal, provoking attacks of opportunity. Mal felled her with one final blow as she went over the edge. Bart dove after her, using his ring of waterwalking once more, and lifted her from the waves. Deacon attempted to use a rope with his prestidigitation to pull her back aboard, but her injuries were too great and she expired.

    In adddition to mundane gear, the assassin carried poisoned caltrops, a waterskin that magically purifies water twice per day, a ring that improved swimming and climbing, two vials of poison, and a pair of boots enchanted to maintain an invisibility spell as long as the user concentrates, once per day.

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