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    5e ruleset and importing from Herolab

    Thinking of getting the 5e edition for Hero Lab.
    Can I import characters from Hero Lab 5e as I could with 3.5? Hero lab and this forum doesn't make it obvious you can yet.



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    I'm pretty sure that you can't. And if you can then it'll only be the SRD stuff that you'd be able to import.
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    No, the character converter only supports Pathfinder, 3.5E, and Savage Worlds imports from Hero Lab.


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    You can export xml from HeroLab natively to the HeroLab program, but it is not the Fantasy Grounds xml schema, and in fact I've never really looked to see if the content of the HeroLab xml is complete enough to port a character snapshot.
    You could write a xml converter and have that functionality (it does not seem like a difficult programming task), but you would still have to go into the resulting Fantasy Grounds character and at least check it against some stuff like the multiclassing features table in the 5e Player's Handbook.

    Truthfully, in my opinion anyway, the Fantasy Grounds 5e character creator does a great job, and supports 5e with all the licensed material. The only thing HeroLab would add to the process that I am aware of is the ability to go in and back out choices and have them update properly, which has always been a forte of HeroLab. But just for character entry or progression HeroLab doesn't really have much to add over a fully 5e kitted out Fantasy Grounds with all the add-on books etc.
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    Export from HL directly to FG importable XML.

    Follow my progress on the LWD Forums (i.e. Hero Lab guys)


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    I know this references characters particularly, but NPCs can be imported via NPC Engineer if you need that functionality.

    NPC Engineer
    Import, build or edit NPCs and then parse them directly into a Fantasy Grounds module.

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    Post issues on the issue tracker on Github.

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