vodokar, a few questions...
1) Are you still looking for players? If so, how often are you holding a gaming session?
2) Would it be possible to help you "beta test" your ruleset? I have an opportunity to run a "one-shot", or maybe trade-off every so often, to give my GM a rest and chance to play. I grabbed damned's theme "MCChampions.ext" from this thread "Can I make the dice roller subtract the results of the roll?" but it looks like you have developed some nice features since then. The Dashboard and Combat Tracker look awesome.
3) Are you using HomeBrew rules for endurance? Or does your Endurance Calculator have something behind the scenes to detect the 10 active pts = 1 pt endurance? I.E. 30 pts in a Hand Killing Attack gets you 2d6 in HKA, and costs you 3 endurance to use. The Endurance Calculator looks like it would calc 2 pts of endurance per usage based on the 2d6. Just curious.
4) Would you like any help?