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    Update 2018.04.22

    • Added: crit types in campaign settings. (double dice, x2, Max or None)
    • Bugfix: effect handlers for npcs were not working properly
    • Bugfix: un/identified items didnt work properly on npcs
    • Updated: /readycheck DM side has larger indicators for ready status
    • Updated: reorganized RIP code, utilized newer functions in CoreRPG to reduce the need to update RIP code when CoreRPG changes.
    • Updated: casting spells wont fail if not memorized but alerts are still are shown.
    • Backports: Review of CoreRPG and 5e bugfixes for 3.3.5 update. Backported all of the parts AD&D Core overrides or is relevant.

    Sorry for the delay in updates for 3.3.5 but my day job has me buried. I also wanted to run a game with the new code to make sure I didn't miss anything. I didn't see any bugs in play but please let me know if you find anything.
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    I can no longer update the first post because it's grown to large so I am moving what has been updated to here and will just keep the current "updates" listed on the first post. People will have to fish through all the posts to find what has changed unfortunately but character limit was reached.

    update 2017.10.21: actiononly setting for advanced effects. Several bug fixes related to effects. cleaned up code that was moved to CoreRPG by base rulesets.
    update 2017.10.27: import table text updates (first line title), bugs: concentration effect for rolling init for spell would use previous round initiative, effects expiring incorrectly due to ascending versus descending (d20/5e mechanics) initiative, actiononly/non-action only logic bug corrected. cleaned up display of effect strings for advanced effects.
    update 2017.11.04: bug fix, saves (half damage type), applied the 5E ruleset for save fixes from previous updates also.
    update 2017.11.09: TURN, TURNLEVEL and SURPRISE added as effect modifiers. ARMOR() added to effects IF/IFT. THACO on frontpage usable for a basic attack just using thaco. Actions tab back to bottom.
    update 2017.12.12: Added campaign setting to allow pcs to edit item effects. THACO on front page can be rolled for basic attack. Added description of item to powers when item has a power. Bugfix Dual class exp, Concentration/Interruption for spells.
    Latest downloads here:
    update "AD&D Core SRD Monsters.mod": Fixed double entries in the module.
    Update: "AD&D Core SRD Monsters v2017.12.19.mod": Fixed action entries and added several powers for some creatures (see Ghoul for example).
    update: 2018.01.18: various bug fixes, memorized count,dangling npc spawn issue,depricated speedfactor issue. added: profs/weapon values earned/used, moved weapon and languages to "skills" tab (all profs/nonweapon in same tab now), added turn, arcane and divine level to advancement, effects added to class (advancement) and race, concentration for npcs "hidden" from players
    update: 2018.02.04: removed TableImport and /Author from base code, use extension (easier for me to manage), character sheet revamped (download GoldenRod Extension to see old style), trimmed out more 5eisms from npc sheets and encounters,fixed bug in abilities (related to moving abilities/languages).
    update: 2018.02.07: backport 5e updates where necessary. Bugfix in effects with no initiative value set.
    update: 2018.02.15: Bugfix: drag/drop spell, memorization options didn't show immediately, Backend, CoreRPG effects code re-introduced because of setInitAscending(), Hide vehicles and feats records, added hide button to Display: Actions mode. CasterLevel settings for damage, heal and durations for spells. Added divine/arcane levels to prepmode and slots view. Added "hidden text" in NPC name in Combat tracker.
    update 2018.02.19: bugfix: drag/drop spells on npcs, base thaco attack used wrong thaco. Added turn undead automation. Added clone pc to npc. Added clone npc to pc.
    update 2018.03.06: bugfix, thaco on npc->pc convert, added /reachecheck, added Whisper DING campaign config, added headers to durations on effects, removed templates button (not useful)
    update 2018.03.16: Bugfix: alignment of Wounds in CT also "advanced effects" applied twice if DM and Player had sheet opened.
    update 2018.03.19: CasterLevel can now be linked to spell Type. Advancement can now have Attack abilities and Power abilities applied at the appropriate level they are gained.
    update 2018.03.27: Bugfix: action/weapons unifentified items now properly show with non-id name. bugfix in concentration for init/spellcasting. Added: initiative needed indicator for DM (on player portraits). First pass at OSRIC PDF/text npc import.
    update 2018.03.30: Added import spells (OSRIC style pdf), added context highlighting to spells AND npc import. Added some additional text recognition to import S&W npcs also.
    update 2018.04.03: Bugfix: non-magic item attacks missing fixed. NPC import updated to support AD&D 1e, 2e and S&W better. Spells import updated for better imports from OSRIC and S&W. Context highlighting of imported descriptions updated.
    update 2018.04.22: Added: crit types in campaign settings. Bugfixes: effect handlers for npcs, un/indentified items didnt work properly on npcs. Updated: readycheck DM side has larger indicators, reorganized RIP code, casting spells wont fail if non-memorized but alerts still are shown, back ported into AD&D core CoreRPG override scripts and updates to 5e where necessary.
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    Update 2018.05.03
    • bugfix: item and npc record scroll bars for action/powers where colliding with other parts of the interface
    • bugfix: static HP settings were ignored, when using the HP field on npcs it will now use that instead of randomly rolling HP.
    • bugfix: auto-hit on 20 when can't crit, creatures that can't hit a target with anything but a 20 could not crit but because of that setup it was also not hitting. This has been corrected. 20 always hits but doesn't always necessarily crit.
    • Updated: NPC import updates for OSRIC module, tweaked import options for some variances in copy/paste text for OSRIC modules/books.
    • Updated:Spells import option updated to support Rules Cyclopedia. Minor tweak to support importing rules cyclopedia spells.
    • Updated:NPC "locked" mode view. Locked mode will show a summary of values. I'm not entirely happy with it yet and will probably tweak it a bit more. I'll be doing the same thing for spells in the future.
    • Added MELEEAC, BMELEEAC as values that can be used in effects. MELEEAC is a modifier, BMELEEAC is the base AC value (lowest will always be used).
    • Added RANGEAC, BRANGEAC as values that can be used in effects. RANGEAC is a modifier, BRANGEAC is the base AC value (lowest will always be used).
    • Added MAC and BMAC as values that can be used in effects. This is in preparation for psionic powers which is not implemented yet.

    This update is mostly some bugfixes and layout corrections. I wanted to put it out before I began working on setting up psionics because it might be a while before that is completed.

    The MELEE and RANGED AC values are useful for effects that work differently depending on the type of attack. Like shield has an base AC for ranged attacks and one for melee attacks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by celestian View Post
    People will have to fish through all the posts to find what has changed unfortunately but character limit was reached.
    Yeah, character limit can be a pain.

    Maybe put all the release notes in a text file and attach that to post #1? It'll keep everything in one place. But people will have to download a text file and open it! :-o

    FG Product Development status: Pathfinder Bestiary, Pathfinder Bestiary 2, Pathfinder Bestiary 3 (in store).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trenloe View Post
    Yeah, character limit can be a pain.

    Maybe put all the release notes in a text file and attach that to post #1? It'll keep everything in one place. But people will have to download a text file and open it! :-o
    I might just link it to the github repo as it includes all the updates and one stuff I don't include tho it's really not user friendly. I could be worrying about something no one really cares about I guess.

    I've actually been thinking it might be best to start a thread in the Rulesets forum and go from there... now that things are less frantic as it was early on.
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    Update 2018.05.18
    • Bugfix: Wisdom bonus spells for 13-16 corrected.
    • Bugfix: death at 0 didn't show properly in chat output.
    • Bugfix: weapon/nonweapon profs gained for NEW character using drag/drop class fixed.
    • Update: import options for NPC to support (some) TSR styles entries in module.
    • Update: cleaned up character sheet alignment in combat section
    • Update: added Weapon penalty option in character sheet->combat section
    • Update: added Psionic options to Charactersheet->Combat and Actions/Powers header
    • Update: cleaned up npc display mode when "locked".
    • Update: Weapon proficiency application in weapon details, looks different, same result.
    • Update: Cleaned up scroll bar/alignment in class/advancedment window
    • Added: "SingleWindow" (source from KEN L) as default behavior. Have one Window for each record type (one story, one npc/etc). Use control-left click to open multiple windows of the same type.
    • Added: ondemand "manual roll" option for DM. control-click on/drag dice to get manual roll mode for that roll.
    • Added: Psionic class/attack/defense/power features.
    • Added: effect tags: DMGPSPO (use for ongoing psp costs also!), DMGPSP
    • Added: weapon proficiency penalty default (used if no prof applied to weapon)

    This update has the new options to support the Psionics from AD&D using the Darksun Setting version of the psionic rules. For the Psionic features I've put together an SRD/OGL version with the basic class and attack/defense modes that I've posted as a module with this post. It's a very basic version of the class and powers to give you something to start with on your own. I'd suggest using the PO: S&P and/or the Darksun setting (REVISED) since those are the mechanics I used for the mechanics the ruleset uses.

    Keep in mind that this version of psionics is not the same used with 1e. I've no plans to write in support for the 1e version at this time. I don't think many (any?) people use psionics from 1e to justify the time. I've done my best to "hide" psionics in general unless you want to use it so it should be easy to ignore.
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    Here are some of the new Psion options on the character sheet/actions.

    DM/Play: AD&D (any flavor)
    Coding the AD&D Core Ruleset

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