Update 2018.01.18:

Bug fixes:
  • Memorized count display issue.
  • Dangling npc spawn issue
  • Depricated speedfactor issue

  • Profs/weapon values earned/used DM can change the earned, players can change the used.
  • Moved weapon and languages to "skills" tab, all profs/nonweapon in same tab now.
  • Added turn, arcane and divine level to advancement. Turn level is used when turning undead. Currently arcane/divine levels are not used but I'm trying to sort out a method to make use of them for spells (like fireball is '(LEVEL)d6' damage. Still plotting it out but added the tracking now.
  • Effects added to class (advancement) and race. Apply effects to a class in advancement section. Also added the same thing to races. For example when a dwarf is added to a character as their race they can now have something like "IFT: TYPE (giant); AC: 4" which would improve their AC by 4 versus giant type creatures. These effects show on the character sheet on the abilities tab in the "Advanced Effects" section. They will not be applied unless the character is added to the combat tracker. (see end of post for images).
  • Concentration for npcs "hidden" from players