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    Project: AD&D Core Ruleset


    Download links at bottom of post.

    • Purpose: Support AD&D Core (1e and 2e) and have all the advanced features that can be included.
    • Ruleset Base Source: The ruleset source is being built using the 5e code base (version released in January of 2017) with the 5e'isms filed off and/or converted to a use that fits AD&D Core.
    • Other
      • Spell Module
      • NPC Module
      • Item Module
      • Class Sample (OSRIC Classes) Module
      • 1e Specific Extension >>HERE<<


    Goals (The Quest!)

    I decided to hack out a ruleset for AD&D Core games because I was unhappy for various reasons with what is available. I also enjoy coding, especially when it's for something I play, AD&D. My personal goal is to hack out a ruleset that I can use in my weekly games and take advantage of the features FG allows that doesn't have any requirements that will cost the DM other than FG itself.

    I picked the 5e codebase to start as with because after playing with all of the various versions of D&D rulesets that existed it seemed to be the most feature rich… and why re-invent the wheel?

    There are some caveats for all "AD&D" version support. At this time I have no plans to code in a "attack matrix" like 1e uses or a weapon versus armor type attacks. Why? I don't use them. I've played in games since 1983 and never been in a game that used them. If someone wants to submit code that will allow an optional toggle for those I'd be happy to integrate them.

    Other than those issues everything I plan to add options for are from both versions of AD&D.

    So what is "CORE" rules? For this project currently, AD&D PHB/DMG. Additionally for 1e that also includes the UA, DSG and WSG. For 2e that also includes the base Handbooks (Wizard, Rogue, Fighter and Priest) . I am excluding 2e OPTION books (commonly called 2.5e) because those diverge too much to be compatible with AD&D 1e… at least right now.

    Features and what is in the works (Rumor Table!)

    The TODO list is too long to post and constantly updated. Here is a link to my OneNote notebook that contains the list of "TODO" and other related items I've created for the project. This does not include everything I've done but a lot of it. I'm trying to keep it current as I move forward.!AntMyR2CVQb6jEkRTQQoeZg4ViSX
    (click on the TODO tab on the left, you can then click on the individual sections for the character sheet/etc)

    Download (Where is the Treasure hidden?)

    I have attached a copy of the "current as of my updating this post" AD&D Core.pak to this post.

    The most current version (while in beta) can be downloaded from the github repo here:
    Download the zip, create a directory in your ruleset folder called "AD&D Core" and then copy the contents inside the zip in "\\AD-D-Core-master" to that..
    You can also just make a new zip file and renamed it to "AD&D Core.pak" with the contents I mentioned above placed in the ruleset folder with the others (like 5e.pak/etc).

    Help with Project (Want to help the old hermit?)

    I am doing this mainly for me and my group but if you're happy with the ruleset and want to help work on the project feel free to PM me here or you can email me at [email protected].

    Modules (The Trading Post )
    • Spells
      • Have a large collection of spells but need to review and build a module that will comply with SRD.

    • Monster/NPCs
      • Have a large collection of NPCs but need to review and build a module that will comply with SRD.


    I wrote a perl script to import the AD&D Core Rules CD html files into Fantasy Grounds. This script will allow you to have your 2e PHB/DMG and all the other books included in the Core Rules CD in your FG game for you and your players. It's certainly not as pretty as the 5e books (I'm just one person) but the search feature is great. Once you include those links to your "classes" and "races" and such your players will love you.

    I've also added a script that will also let you import the spells into your "Spells" section from the same HTML files. If time permits I will do the same for creatures. I've already got a script that I used to import some 3k AD&D creatures from various sources but will require some work to deal with the Core Rules CD html format.

    Perhaps someday in the future I can do some work on the import script to have it organize the "books" a bit better.

    This probably one of the biggest reasons I decided to drop my 2 year project with my Maptools AD&D Framework and pickup Fantasy Grounds. Having the books available easily linked in convenient places is a huge boon.

    Keep in mind this script requires some knowledge of perl. At least installing perl including several modules but not necessarily coding.
    Read the "read me" for more details.

    Update 2018.08.05.1
    • Added: Classes: added initial and earn rate for proficiency slots into class (no longer needed in Advancement section).
    • Added: Classes: added arcane/divine level tracking into advancement (rangers/paladins advance as slower rate so needed)
    • Added: Effects: Damage Absorb, "DA" is a new effect for strings. "DA: # type" will absorb # damage of "type" before expiring the effect entirely.
    • Added:support in DA for multiple types including "range" and "melee"
    • Added: Effects: $MACROS added to effect strings in []'s with the ability to process math. $STR,$DEX,$CON,$CHA,$INT,$WIS ability values for targets and $DIVINE, $ARCANE and $LEVEL for source values. "STR:-[$STR/2]" would replace $STR/2 with the targets strength total score divided by 2. "DA:[$DIVINE*12] lightning" would replace [$DIVINE*12] with the source of the effect casting with their divineLevel*12 to something like "DA: 60 lighting".
    • Updated: 3.3.6 updates (npc id, along with map and item id changes, faux dice on demand rolls now in CoreRPG)
    • Updated: Import/export npc from xml directly from npc records list (yellow buttons)
    • Updated: Senses on classes (infra/ultra sight types added to sense block in character sheet)
    • Updated: Moved initiative dice roller to left of power/weapon
    • Updated: Memorizations arrows in action buttons will now announce forgetting spell when removing one.
    • Updated: HP values now managed in Combat details. Added .base, .conmod, .adjustment values. Con bonus is now calculated on the fly.
    • Updated: Strength/weight tooltip text updated to be more clear for carried value.
    • Updated: Combat text in chat updated to be more flexible in filtering for DOE sounds extension.
    • Updated: WindowManager added "setIgnoredWindowClasses()" to allow folks to add windows they might want to have duplicates. Default allowed duplicates are records index, images and characters.
    • Bugfix: combobox collision problem (override was not narrow focus enough and was overriding all comboboxs)
    • Bugfix: ability_notes iadd issues in item edit window fixed
    • Bugfix: linked ref-manual pages using next/prev pages errors fixed
    • Bugfix: AdvancedEffects drag/drop fore one char to another toggling ID fixed
    • Bugfix: Character speak-as button got removed accidentally, replaced.
    • Bugfix: Conbonus display was showing strange value when no class applied yet.
    • Bugfix: HP calculations for multi-class was incorrect for new hp.base system.
    • bugfix: incoming damage with multiple types were ignored, fixed

    Various updates due to improvements from 3.3.6 added. Includes the NPC id changes as well as item and images.

    Moved HP into the Combat details management section. This allowed me to have base HP, modifier to hp and conbonuses applied to HP. So now, when a characters con is adjusted their max hp will be adjusted auto-magically. This is also part of a longer term project I have and that is to manage level drain, at least in some fashion. However, thats still a project I am planning out the best way to managed.
    Note: Because of the HP updates If you import OLD characters they will have incorrect HP values UNLESS they are exported from the NEW version of AD&D Core. So, export them from the current version.

    $MACROs in effect strings was a pretty neat update I'd been working through for a bit. These will allow you to do things with spells that do things like reduce a targets strength by 1/2. With this I also added Damage Absorption effect "DA". "DA: # type". This will absorb # damage of "type" and then remove the effect. This allows us to support cleric protect spells that add temporary hit points for specific damage types (fire and lightning come to mind). It also allows us to support the Armor spell properly. Instead of having a damage type of "fire" or "cold" use "none". "Armor Spell;BAC:6;DA:[$ARCANE+8] none". The "none" type means we track the absorb amount but we don't actually absorb anything. The string would have the characters AC base set to 6 and but after they take 13 damage (5th level wizard + 8) the Armor effect would be removed.
    Note: I will post a list of various effect string examples and descriptions someday in the future but if you have questions please ask.

    Various updates to the Class records to support multi-classing a bit more by the rules.
    Download latest version here:
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    Additional extensions and modules for use with AD&D Core Ruleset.

    • Goldenrod Style Character Sheet
    • AD&D Core SRD Style Psion Class+Attacks/Defense powers.

    Download here:
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    Here is a screenshot of the main character sheet page

    Actions Tab

    Skills Tab

    Class/Saves and Abilities popup windows

    Changed up "quick use" modifiers.

    Combat Tracker, sample NPC entry

    Sample Spell entry

    Sample NPC Entry

    Sample Class Entry
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    Fantastic Job Celestian.

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    Examples of Dead NPCs on the map

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    Awesome, thanks for sharing!

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    Excellent work. Thank you very much !!!

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    Updated how skills view. Was really cluttered and I think this looks much better.

    Here is the modifier window.

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    • Proficiencies - Updated in "Abilities" tab. hit/dmg adjustment fields added.
    • Weapon Adjustments - Can now apply (multiple) proficiency to a weapon. So specialization, elven bonuses or even non-proficiency penalties.

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    Also check out the AD&D Core 1e Extension for more focus 1e support. That thread is here.

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