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    I do that, but when I click the "fighter" link from the UA module, it opens up "fighter" from the PHB if I have the PHB open. If I unload the PHB mod, then I can click the "fighter" link in the UA and get the UA fighter, with the Brute subclass at the bottom.
    Ah, yes you have spotted a small bug which I was hoping no one noticed until it got fixed

    You are correct in that there is a bit of a behind the scenes thing going on which is messing with linked lists. I don't see it with the PHB and UA open but if I open SCAG then the UA link opens the SCAG Fighter rather than the UA one. It is on the list of things for fixing but Starfinder has taken the developer of our internal tool away for a bit. It will get attention in due course so patience will be its own reward meantime.
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    No big deal, it shows up where it counts (on the character sheet.)

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