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    Looking for players to begin Evils of Haranshire in 5E.

    EDIT: Currently evaluating last player (full)

    Campaign has 26 sessions complete.

    I'm looking for players to run the first book from the Night Below Box, Evils of Haranshire. I am in the process of converting the original content to 5e for FG.

    Changed Time Zone rant to appear slightly less obsessive.
    Opened Multi-Classing.
    Added Optional Feat rules.
    Added point buy.
    Updated for campaign progress

    If the below sounds like a good match for you then give me shout! I'll be posting the game up in the calendar in the next week or so.

    FG License: GM has Ultimate, so any players welcome.
    Game System: D&D 5E

    Time Zone: Mountain STANDARD. That's UTC-7.
    Day of week and time: Monday nights 6-9 MST
    Planned Frequency: Weekly
    Term: As long as everyone is enjoying their time.

    Text or Voice: Voice. preferred
    Voice software used: TeamSpeak

    Roleplay & Combat mix: (Please see details below!!)
    Number of Players: 4-6
    Character starting level & equipment: 2nd, standard equipment
    Character restrictions: Any 5E.
    Ability Score system: Point Buy.

    Is it the right game for me?: Just like looking for an employer, both parties need to find the right match. Maybe I'm not your DM, maybe you're not my player. Everyone knowing what they are signing up for makes everyone's time more enjoyable! Read on.

    My experience: Returning player/DM new to 5E. This will be my first time running a module using FG.

    What kind of experience do I need?: Any. As long as you dedicate to the game, it doesn't matter if you are new to D&D or FG. Others can help you along.

    I've played Night Below! Then I respectfully ask you to pass please. It will be much more enjoyable for the group if they don't already know what is happening. If you are really interested in reliving this module, maybe on a 2nd run after I've taken a group through.

    Wait! Wait! You converted Night Below? Yes. At least at heart. I have created what I hope is all of the spirit of the original. But in that it may not be a true conversion as compared to others. It didn't matter that it was suppose to be three Orcs with bows and two with short swords. In my version 2 had axes. Like any good campaign, I have taken the source material and used it to spin a world that is as alive and dynamic as the personalities who will adventure through it. It doesn't affect my game. Does it yours?

    I heard night below is hack and slash, is this just a dungeon romp? I mean, it does say "Ultimate Dungeon Adventure" on the box!
    You heard wrong. At least, the 1st third of it (the part we are talking about) isn't. There are many fights, and many situations to solve. Players will have to spend time honing their skills before taking everything on. And even then it will only be enough when done wisely. Hey, how do you know what the box says?!

    Do you use maps for combat? Yes, and non-combat. There are several from the original source and several that I've added.

    Are you a rules lawyer? No. I'm new to 5E and expect to learn things I didn't know as I go. That being said, it is a 5E so there is a basis for play.

    Are you going to make us rest and track time? Yes. Resting and healing kits will be a factor.

    Can I Multiclass? If that fits your character, then not a problem.

    Will you be using the optional Feat rules? Yes.

    Do I have to have write background and have a reason for being there etc.? Yes. Everyone can write a paragraph. It's what makes it fun. If you're not into that, you can still go play Final Fantasy MMMXLCMVMCKDKLGNMklsdglhsdgfhjsldf or whatever version they are on now.

    Does that mean I have to talk in character all the time? This is a group thing. Whatever the group is comfortable with is fine. It's role playing, so there is an expectation. "Huh well I throw my ****ing beer at him dude." Is not ok. (This isn't Dog Fish Head Vs. Stone, then maybe. As long as you had a background!)

    Will I get booted if I'm late? No. Life happens and that's ok. I'm looking for a dedicated weekly group who will make every effort to honor the commitment that everyone is making. If you're late or will miss a game, the group expects to hear from you rather than sitting around wondering.

    Anything else? Yes. My personal PSA: Time zones. In my experience this is frequently an issue for some. I pass NO judgment! Kindly acquaint yourself with a site like until you are comfortable. I am in MST. That is and always is [UTC -7].

    Why are you saying all this just hit SUBMIT Thread already! In the last month I have been part of 4 games. Most of which had half the people not show on day one and the other half got the time zone wrong . Of the two games that made it past a day 1, the first had the DM "forget" that we were playing and didn't show up to his own game! That left 1 game of 4 that made it and thankfully we are still playing. This isn't good. It's not fun, it isn't good for the game, it isn't good for anyone. Just looking for a group of adventurers that feel the same!

    If you can overlook my obsession with fixing time zone misconceptions, and the rest of this post looks like your kinda thing, reply here!
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    Sounds lovely!!

    I have sent you a PM with particulars. Very interested in the campaign.

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    Hey I am very very interested in running this with you. I have been looking for a regularly weekly ground on fantasy grounds for a bit. I am very expierenced gamer who is still new to 5E myself (mostly play pathfinder ) on my Sunday group with friends. I would love to play a Ranger

    Do you have a game calendar set up or anything yet?

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    I am interest my self I have games going Thursday and one I run on Saturday but if it is night during the weekend I would love to join. I have been playing 5th for over 3 months now. I would probably create a paladin, ranger, or wizard.
    Ultimate License
    D&D 5th
    DM: The Chronos Chronic (completed, characters deaths 17th), Elemental Evil (Completed: Victory), A Shift in Domains, Shadows of Power,and Our Fractured Masks.

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    Depending on the date and time I'd be interested
    Very Respectfully
    Wizard,rogue and friend
    Have a nice day

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    This sounds good. I would be interested as well depending on what day it will be I will send a pm with more information.

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    Sounds, like a lot of fun, I would like to be considered as well.

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    I'd definitely be interested.

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    Invitation to Discuss Party Composition

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    Responded to group PM !


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