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    Well, actually, I suppose I could still use the individual tiles to construct (with gimp or a larger map, but I don't know how to get the images out of Fantasy Grounds... AAWFGANYSMP.dat is a zip archive, but it's passworded, and I don't have the password (as far as I know). So, at present, even though the 'collage' map, that is part of the collection, would be usable, the rest of the tiles would not be...

    I suppose I could display them, individually, from within FG, and use the 'snip' program to capture them to another file, but that's more work than I want to go through (for 49 separate files)...

    So, anyway, I guess unless someone has some better ideas I'll get a refund... ??


    - s.west
    Hello swest,

    I'll be away at Gen Con later this week but I can get you a refund before then if you shoot me an email with the order id # you want refunded. As I mentioned in the support email, the value of this particular product will grow quite a bit in FGU but won't be able to take advantage of any tiling capabilities at all in the current format. If you are happy using the individual tiles as separate combat maps and the big compilation as a single map, then this would work for that. If not, then I would recommend getting a refund for now.

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    I came across something new-ish. Dungeon Painter Studio, which appears to be a decent in-between software for those who are used to stamping software (like Tiled) but has a heck of an impressive set of tools for making maps.

    It's available on Steam for $14.99, and seems to be a good amount of software for the money. I was going to give a detailed review, but Taking20 did a hell of a review on YouTube:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mirloc View Post
    I came across something new-ish. Dungeon Painter Studio, ...
    This has sorta been covered in this thread. Dungeon Painter Online is the precursor to this product.

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