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Thread: Attn: GM's

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    Quote Originally Posted by lazarus0280
    If you make it, they will come!!! lol, gaurantee it. Plus that let's them learn new systems. Just keep in mind they prob wouldn't have source material so you'd have to hold their hands. Either way, it's good for the site... good for the players.... and will continue to bring in new blood.
    I have more than 1 thread offering games with no replies...

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    I'm thinking times (and days) are going to be an issue trying to coordinate these as well as using a ruleset that's going to pique interest. I work nights and weekends which severely limits a lot of people from jumping in, at least in the US.

    I think I may work up a couple of OSRIC based one shots, something old school and easy to manage.

    Maybe a poll would be in order to help narrow some things down?
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    Aye I hear you Murgh. Though things in the forums can get quite cluttered quickly. I have noticed alot of activity in the chat room though with new people looking around. So if the GM's post a thread stating they are going to run a game, definately consider recruiting for it in the chat room. * that's how you got this new player Murgh (wink).

    Keep in mind like ya said most players are familiar with DnD and prob hesitant to join something new at the risk of feeling like an idiot. I personally have no such qualms and just like learning the different styles. Plus ya got me on the site. Heck, I'll recruit for the different GM's since I am on constantly.

    That's the other reason I was saying a short single encounter or 2 hour adventure that the GM's have on standby. I know as GM's we want to plan out and have a long go. But if you got something you've whipped together and you find yourself with free time, just pop in chat or something and offer to run it. Or if you seeing some new faces and they talking bout trying to find a game... your able to quickly throw it out there and get them involved.

    It's better to have it and offer it, then not have it at all. This seems like an awesome community and I feel in my short time here there is alot to offer people. I for one have loved it, and I want others to feel the love that I have. Hehehe

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    Ok just started this thread

    Gunnar, Murgh, ronnke and madman, I took the liberty of putting your names in the post. Hopefully I can get that thread stickied so it's easily seen by new members.

    If you would like your name added or removed from the list just let me know and I will update the list. Appreciate those of you offering your time. It's pretty cool that your willing to do that.

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    I've run Corporation and Traveller demos before now, plus Babylon 5 d20. None of these have had an especially high turnout. The Corporation demo is pretty much a packaged deal. That could be dusted off again fairly easily.

    Alternatively, they could sign up and join in one of our FATE games on Friday or Sunday evenings.
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    *Time travel/parallel universe game.

    Want. Really want.

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    Good idea Lazurus for trying to get these demos up and running.

    Maybe we need to think about trying to adopt a better game calendar. I was thinking that an actual calendar layout would be good, and you can see what games are running each day (and who's playing in them)

    Even if you can't join a game, it would give an idea to players old and new & GMs exactly what is happening in the FG community and make it look alive.

    Would this be possible do you think?

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    I agree an overhaul of calendar system might be nice... it is rather hard to find anything. That being said... most GM's are in long running campaigns. So other then demo's people wouldn't see alot of action on a calendar like the one your proposing. A few of us are looking into doing some one and run campaigns. Specially with CoC and stuff. so that would be an option.

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    yeah working on doing many one shot CoC games. I can be convinced/willing to do some pick up and play Pathfinder games.
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    Hello every one! I just bought my FG II program yesterday and spent the night putting together a short, one session adventure. I would love to demo it as a learning experince for both new players and myself (I have been running games for a long time, but this is my first attempt to run a game online).

    Ultimatly, I want to run a campaign set in Ptolus using 3.5/OGL rules that came with the purchase. So if there are any new players looking for a no strings attached demo with possibility of playing in a long running online game, send me a message. My avalibilty for the demo right now will be mostly weekdays except thursday and friday. Monday and Tuesday eveanings are the best days for me and I am US/Canada/Mexico central time zone.


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