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Thread: Attn: GM's

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    Attn: GM's

    If you have a short demo of whatever ruleset you are running think about putting up a thread. In my short time here, I've seen alot of new guys already. There is nothing worse then joining this site downloading the program and then being unable to find a game.

    I think it'd be smart if we could have a bunch of short 1-2 hour single play adventure demo's to welcome new people to the world of FG. I know people are busy and all but let's do what we can! If you have some ideas or interested in offering up a bit of time to run new players let me know.

    If you have a demo campaign of another ruleset let us know and we can possibly share those amongst ourselves to have handy for new players as well.


    I started this thread for new players

    if you would like to be included or offer your services to help run a demo message me and I will put your name on the list. Any and all support would be wonderful.
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    From the messages in the Guild House, a lot of new people are looking for D&D 3.5 or 4e, which I don't play or run. In addition, I run games fairly free form, the campaign notes would fill maybe a side of A4. There may be a few GMs put there that have gone and set up modules for their games, but I would imagine that they're few and far between.
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    Aye understood. Maybe we could get some GM's though to make a single counter adventure or what have you though for whatever ruleset they run. That way we could let the new players experience them soon after they arrive. Again I know everyone is busy but if ya had the time or energy I think it'd be a cool idea.

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    I run pathfinder games most of the time. I would be willing to put something together for a quick intro game. Maybe a Pathfinder Society game which takes about 4-6 hours to complete. Saturday nights would be the best for me, but maybe Wednesday, Thursday could work also. I Think people could create characters from information in a running post (Guild House)and the PRD available free online. I could do a 3.5 game as well, but it's been some time.

    I'll get something together!
    As a side note I do not have an ultimate license just a full.

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    The 3.5 module Well Met in Kith'takharos is now bundled with the full license. Someone could run that.

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    My system or choice is Savage Worlds, I am also getting to grips with (Strands of) Fate and Jaws of the Six Serpents (PDQ). I am more than willing to run one of these games, however, as Valarian said, most folk want D&D and it's derivatives...

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    If you make it, they will come!!! lol, gaurantee it. Plus that let's them learn new systems. Just keep in mind they prob wouldn't have source material so you'd have to hold their hands. Either way, it's good for the site... good for the players.... and will continue to bring in new blood.

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    The only system (with a FGII Ruleset available) I am familiar enough with to GM is Rolemaster, which is not something newbies would probably be willing jump into for a such a short intro type game.

    I would certainly be willing to work something up though and see what interest there may be.
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    I have the ultimate but D&D isn't one of my preferences any more, I've been working on getting some stuff set up for Strands of Fate or Dresden Files. But I'm still getting comfortable with the systems to work with them. Within the next month or two I do plan on doing a few oneshot's with Strands.

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    I have an ultimate license and will happily GM a few short (~2 hour) sessions for those interested in playing GURPS using Fantasy Grounds. Characters will all be pre-generated, so it's just a matter of jumping in a playing.

    Sessions I have in mind are:

    *A fantasy game
    *Sci-fi game with spaceship combat
    *Time travel/parallel universe game.
    *Cyberpunk game
    *Zombie apocalypse style horror game
    *Post apocalypse mech game

    All depends on the level of interest.
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