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    Quote Originally Posted by mr_h
    Maybe a last "active" date? That way you know if a game has been abandoned and the GM hasn't come back to clear it out? Or even a Game System column (so that you can sort out the ones you don't want?)

    Also, I mentioned this to someone over at FUG, but it might be useful to mention it here too.

    Is there a way you can add a "Looking for Group' section as well, for the players that is? It'd be a good way to gauge interest, as well as clean up and better organize all those folks looking for games. I figured it'd just need categories like: Name, Contact Info, Timezone, Game Systems willing to play (D&D variants, Gurps, any, etc), Avaiable times. If it's searchable, even better.

    Like I said, it might clean some stuff up for the forums and people looking, as well as give GM's who are looking for replacement players another place to look.
    Fourthed. PLEASE delete the old games. Nobody else is ever going to. It's been YEARS.

    Also, a Looking for Group section, while harder, would also be awesome. (That would probably need even more of a strict cleanup, though. XD Maybe "Sign in once every three weeks, or your name is removed from the list?")

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    Thanks for the updates so far (the new columns to sort by etc).

    Other feature requests/refinements:

    Default to sort by "Last Activity" column
    I think this is the most compelling column to start with when you first go to the calendar.

    +1 to Listing deletion
    It would be great to have a system that sends an email warning to the GM that their game has been inactive for x time and will be deleted from the calendar in x days/weeks. If they log in and updated the calendar (with latest session times or whatever), then the timer resets. If they don't, the listing is auto-deleted.

    Compulsory timezone
    Make it mandatory to update your user profile with timezone if you don't currently have one when creating a listing on the calendar.

    Drop down list for game system
    Standardise the way people list game systems by making it a drop-down box selection during listing creation. Populate it with all of the most popular rulesets, and then include an "Other" box for the lesser known rulesets.

    Make it possible to filter listings by column response and not just sort (so that I could for example see all D&D 4e games and then sort them by a different column)
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    The Game Calendar could be really useful, but it still doesn't seem to be as useful as it could be.

    A Lot of the 'Last GM activitys' seem to be 0:00 so I don't know which games to currently apply for.

    Please have some sort of feature where if a GM hasn't updated their game in the calander for a month (maybe 2), then it automatically gets deleted.

    This will keep the calendar current, and will encourage GMs to use it to update the times of the next session etc....

    Until this is done, the calendar will still be useful, but to a new person looking for a game, it will be pretty useless and players will lose faith in the calendar concept (they probably have already because of all the dorment stuff on it).

    Its a shame as it is a great concept and a real missed opportunity for FG at the moment.

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    Thanks for all the feedback. I removed all the games sessions that either did not have a last GM activity or that had no session activity scheduled.

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    That's excellent, much easier to see what's going on.

    I would also consider putting some sort of monthly (or quarterly) sweep on to remove old stuff, however these deletions have made things a lot clearer.


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    Well as a new player I can tell you that the calendar is definitely a valuable asset to the community. I just applied to a 3.5e game and I'm excited to see if the play times and such.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ddavison
    Thanks for all the feedback. I removed all the games sessions that either did not have a last GM activity or that had no session activity scheduled.
    That was silly - you deleted my campaign that I was still accepting players for; I was one of the first on Fantasy Grounds using the original software two years before you even came here.
    Last edited by bobthebuilder; September 18th, 2010 at 09:58.

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    Well Bob is right...he is here almost every day and his game was active...
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    Bob, I apologize for the problem. I am not sure why your campaign would have been deleted, since I only removed those that did not have any GM Last Activity. This value is driven by a change to the campaign notes or a scheduled session. I was not able to rely upon the addition or deletion of members since many players were signing up for games which were abandoned but left open for recruiting. Has it been open and recruiting for a while?

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    Change to the calendar is so overdue. Thanks.

    With due respect to Bob, I'm sure those reentering games are suffering a lot less than the users who found the abandoned games impossible to sort through.
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