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    would be nice if all the game times were not deleted untill at least a month after the set date, so you can tell how active a game is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr_h
    Maybe a last "active" date? That way you know if a game has been abandoned and the GM hasn't come back to clear it out? Or even a Game System column (so that you can sort out the ones you don't want?)

    Is there a way you can add a "Looking for Group' section as well, for the players that is? It'd be a good way to gauge interest, as well as clean up and better organize all those folks looking for games. I figured it'd just need categories like: Name, Contact Info, Timezone, Game Systems willing to play (D&D variants, Gurps, any, etc), Avaiable times. If it's searchable, even better.
    I would like to offer a "second" on both counts here. As a player currently looking for a game, would be nice to have both of those available. I have sent messages to several "games" in the Calendar and have not received any reply back. For all I know, those games don't even exist any more.

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    Yeah i agree with Alchais you guys should clean the send a message to the GM of the game and if they don´t reply clean it up...this way its more easy for ppl to find games and not waiting for replys of dead games...
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    The ability to delete old games was a big positive step, but there's still a lot of clutter that limits usefulness and organization can be much better to increase utility.

    I would add/echo previous suggestions with the following:

    Add categories (like by game system and/or ruleset, time and day of week, frequency, long-term game/short-term/one-shot, etc.)
    add search (by the above categories)
    permit filtering (again by the above categories)

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    Yeah just seconding points / adding my two cents:

    *Separate out input fields to "Title", "Game Type" (campaign/oneshot), "Ruleset", "Character Level", "Setting" (Forgotten Realms/homebrew etc), "Frequency" (monthly, fortnightly, weekly, bi-weekly etc)
    *Filter/search by various categories
    *Some fields should be selected from drop-downs to enable more accurate searching. It eliminates some elements of human error, and gives consistency. If they're all plain text you'll have the nightmare of trying to sort a field when people are typing anything from 4e, to fourth ed, and DnD 4.0.

    The most complex thing I'd like to see is the way "suggested scheduling" might work. As most people have some flexibility in their schedule, no one wants to commit to a specific time before they've got players interested. Add to that the fact some of us are always having to translate timezones, and it can make scheduling hard! So what I'd like to see is some kind of "suggested schedule" input where people select a few possible time slots on different days of the week in their local time, and they display in everyone else's local time.

    You could even allow players to check boxes saying which suggested playtimes they are available for when they apply to be a player.

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    I would also add that games/campaigns that are "in progress" actually get moved to a separate calendar entirely with its actual playtimes listed.

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    AGAIN we desparately need a time zone feature on the list, with a filter. I am frustarted at havng to trawl thru games to find those suitable for GMT+10.

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    Quote Originally Posted by trevorgall
    AGAIN we desparately need a time zone feature on the list, with a filter. I am frustarted at havng to trawl thru games to find those suitable for GMT+10.
    Very much agreed... I think the Calendar feature would go a LONG way to alleviating the very common complaint about finding a game. Through guided data input and improving sorting capability I think things would be easier.
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    Great hey knocks on some doors need a player becasue the faster i learn this interface the faste ri can run my own games Gmt+10

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    Bump for Timezone.

    Just make it that you can't enter the completed record until the Timezone field is filled, very simple.

    Currently theres an EU, a UK FG groups on google, there's also a US FG group on Yahoo. There's about 2 other group somewhere that I've not lost track of.

    A lot of this hassle is unnecessary, a lot of hassle is created by Time zone issues.

    EDIT: I've also noticed that the Game Calendar is not linked on the top, making it hard to find. The only place it's linked it from the Home Page! Most people who purchase FG2 go directly to these forums, it should be linked to the right side of "Community", like it is on the homepage.
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