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    Game Calendar revision

    The Game Calendar has been fixed and slightly revised.
    • We've added the possibility to delete campaigns for GMs. The main list is also no longer displaying public games that have been flagged as not accepting players as it caused unnecessary clutter.
    • Players can now resign from games they are active in.
    • There was a bug with the community home page summaries, that was fixed so they should work a bit more reliably there now.
    • There's now a 6 hour tolerance in showing up to a session. All times are relative to your time zone (set in the user profile management section). Please make sure it is correct if you use the game calendar.
    • The listing page has slightly more information regarding game player counts. It now separately lists the number of spots available if that is less than the minimum number. This feature regards spots that have either been invited by the GM directly, or accepted by them, as reserved.
    • Games with a number of accepted and invited players that is higher than the maximum player count are displayed with a red maximum player count to warn prospective players of this. Games with less players than the minimum count have the minimum count number in bold.
    I admit the Number of players column is a bit cryptic as it is. Please comment on it and feel free to make suggestions.

    We welcome all feedback regarding the functionality of the system. We are planning some additional improvements that let you find a game based on the rules system as well as some additional tags faster, as well.
    Tero Parvinen
    Fantasy Grounds Guru

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    Fantastic news and a great boon to the community!! Well done Tero.
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    Looks pretty good and the options look good as well.

    I'm not sure if it does this already, but will inactive games vanish after a certain amount of time?

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    Maybe a last "active" date? That way you know if a game has been abandoned and the GM hasn't come back to clear it out? Or even a Game System column (so that you can sort out the ones you don't want?)

    Also, I mentioned this to someone over at FUG, but it might be useful to mention it here too.

    Is there a way you can add a "Looking for Group' section as well, for the players that is? It'd be a good way to gauge interest, as well as clean up and better organize all those folks looking for games. I figured it'd just need categories like: Name, Contact Info, Timezone, Game Systems willing to play (D&D variants, Gurps, any, etc), Avaiable times. If it's searchable, even better.

    Like I said, it might clean some stuff up for the forums and people looking, as well as give GM's who are looking for replacement players another place to look.
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    That was quick! Nice work.

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    I can't find a way to delete or edit the discussion topics and things are starting to get a little cluttered and long there. I would like to be able to correct at least one of my discussion entrys and delete some old ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PrahvianMan
    I can't find a way to delete or edit the discussion topics and things are starting to get a little cluttered and long there. I would like to be able to correct at least one of my discussion entrys and delete some old ones.
    Any feedback regarding the implementation of this would be welcome. The discussion area wasn't really originally intended for serious matters. In that vein, I'd like to perhaps limit the discussion to a minimum of 10 of the latest messages, filtered to include only ones from the last month if it gets longer than that. For more persistent information, the GM would use announcements.

    Are there any convincing arguments to the contrary?

    As far as editing goes, it is hard to communicate changed entries to other users returning to the discussion after an edit, so I'd recommend simply correcting things in another message.
    Tero Parvinen
    Fantasy Grounds Guru

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    Ok, but there is no documentation on what the discussion area was intended for and "dicusssion" is wide open to interpretation and use. Most every other type of message area allows for preview, editing and deletion of the message. The handiness of the discussion area is that you don't have to click on a link to see its contents.

    I think the GMs should at least be allowed to delete discussion entries. Especially if they might be vulgar or not fit, in his judgement, or old and past usefulness in his estimation.

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    Some nice changes.

    Would love to see the time zone for the game, shown on the menu. So one can quickly eliminate the games not suitable for playing in.

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