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  1. Making a desert out of a sandbox

    Someone once asked me why it was that I preferred running homebrew sandbox campaigns to modules in official settings, which is a pretty popular way of doing things, especially for harried GMs who don't have a lot of time on their hands. I thought about it for a bit, and then came up with an answer that I'm pretty sure wasn't expected. The resulting conversation went something like this:

    Me: Well, partly it's because I get to exercise more creativity, but mainly it's because it's ...
  2. Window Saver X Full Version History


    • Fix errors in client chat box


    • Add /wsx close
    • Further improve compatibility with other extensions
    • Update help messages to show commands without underscores
    • Numerous of under-the-hood changes


    • Fix /wsx_load always throwing an error (I should probably not push updates at like 5am)
    • Add support for "/wsx command" in addition to "/wsx_command" (leaving the old commands functional,

    Updated May 17th, 2018 at 17:39 by Gkjsdll

  3. Savage Hârn weapons, armor and mundane items

    Samples of my 'Savage Hârn' weapons, armor and mundane items lists. I'm using HârnMaster 3 as the foundation and trying to stick to the items available in the HârnWorld Module. Still have lots to do, this is only a small portion of my work so far.

  4. Savage Worlds Archetypes for Hârn

    Started taking this back up seriously again. Trying not to make it overly detailed and more complex then it needs to be.

    Am now in the process of setting up the Archetypes in Hero Lab for it's ability to auto-calc the build points and assign Edges, etc. Once the drafts are finished I can then print out full character sheets from there and then use those for making detailed notes to try and balance them all out. Probably will be about 80-100 of them by the time I am done as there
  5. Message of the day

    If one has used Fantasy Grounds for any length of time, you have probably interacted with Delux-Oz. Incredibly active, this man seems to have a helpful answer for everything posted. He also has created mods and extensions that definitely dial up this tabletop up a couple levels. If I get into a discussion about FG over Roll 20 ... I say we got Delux-Oz.

    Thank you, Good Sir, for all you do.

    The extension I would like to highlight with this post is the "Message ...
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