Access all traditional paraphernalia available at the gaming table. These include dice, drawings, character sheets, portraits, tokens, and rulebook reference material.

Although not always essential, roleplaying without dice, character sheets, etc. just isn't quite the same as having the items at hand.

The Fantasy Grounds gaming table includes all the traditional paraphernalia. Each piece is carefully implemented so that it is used in much the same way it would be handled if it was its physical counterpart. In making an attack or maneuver roll, for example, you can first stack up all relevant bonuses and modifiers and then roll the dice. What results is a display of the roll, all applied modifiers, and where they came from.

The Fantasy Grounds ruleset for 3.5E contains a database of most of the reference information available in the 3.5E System Reference Document, including spells, monster statistics and character race, class, and feat information.

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