Role playing is easy with dedicated chat features.

The players type their roleplaying dialogue in a chat window. The chat is the most important gaming tool since the narrator messages, the Gamemaster's input, die roll results and of course the main part of playing role happens through conversation. Most of the characters' actions are also described using chat messages.

The roleplaying chat supports additional styles of dialogue: intended action -, emote- , and "out-of-character"-messages. The Gamemaster also has the option to speak in the name of any NPC and as the narrator.

The players can appoint hot keys for typical responses. Most die rolls also include an automatic text description visible next to the roll result. Chat feedback indicators indicate, at just a glance, if any player is in the process of entering a chat message. Together with the interactive nature of maps, these features have proven to make playing easy and comfortable to users of all typing skill levels.

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