Visualize tactical scenes using maps rich with features or create them on the fly. Draw on the virtual paper or reveal parts of maps prepared beforehand and place tokens to indicate player characters and NPCs.

Maps and sketches are two of the most fundamental assets for many roleplayers. Together with varied tokens (a multitude of tokens is available in the "token chest") they provide the concrete visualization of the world and tactical scenes. In Fantasy Grounds, the Gamemaster and players can all sketch on the Virtual Paper or on maps prepared beforehand.

Several graphical tools are available including a sharp pencil, a pointer arrow (for declaring movement and targeting, for instance), a freely defined grid, and tokens. The use of tokens is limited only by your imagination: use them to indicate PCs, NPCs, traps, dungeon furnishings and important locations discovered in the course of the adventure. Custom tokens are easy to make, and token packs will be created by the developers and community members and be made available for download.

The Gamemaster can show the images to a selected player individually or all players together, and gradually reveal only selected parts of the image (very convenient for dungeon exploration scenarios). In the case of very large images, the Gamemaster can restrict the players to a particular section of the image; this way the Gamemaster can, for example, utilize a big world map and not betray the extent world predesigned.

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